June 13, 2019

Saaho Official Teaser in Hindi, Simply Mindboggling!

Presenting the much awaited official teaser of Saaho starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor. Film is directed by Sujeeth. Saaho releases in theaters on 15th August, 2019 on Independence Day. 

Teaser of Saaho is simply mindboggling. No doubt it is easily the biggest action thriller from India ever. Film is set to take record shattering start at box office. Every box office record is in danger now. 

Prabhas is back after Baahubali series and how. No doubt he has a lot of fans worldwide. And mostly all of them are die-hard fans! 😍

Saaho Official Teaser

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  1. are you serious, every record is in danger lol. please do not overhype this movie. it will be an average grosser. do not compare bahubali with saaho. prabas is nobody in bollywood

  2. The masala popcorn movie, we've all been waiting for. Teaser is equally entertaining !!!!

  3. Now see this ..
    An example for Bollywood
    Have a proper competition at least

  4. Ab 15August ko Prabhas ki movie aaygi toh Akki apni movie kab release karega.. Sab aate hai aur Akki ki mar ke jaate hai

  5. This is going to cause havoc in India!!!! Guys its a teaser n it has work big time!!! Records will be shattered!!!!

  6. Great teaser. Now hope Tiger vs Hrithik movie shows better action sequences. The problem is that Bollywood is happy with 200 Crore movies now a days when bar is atleast 350 Crores. The only movie which had real potential was TOH but that too wasted the oppurtunity.

    1. Tiger Vs hrithik director is the director of bang bang and bachna ya haseno so lot will depend on hrithik himself to design and make those action scene impacful and about tiger sad to say Bollywood can't provide him with a real action director all they can provide him is with dance directors, such raw talent in the prime of his life being wasted. Tiger diverse better. Anyway the trailer will tell which direction the movie is going Bollywood has never combined two such athletic actors ever and it will be huge miss if they Fk it up.

    2. Yes Bollywood needs a biggie which can go past Dangal and take on Bahubaali and this film might have a chance as TOH waisted the oppurtunity.

  7. Ab makkhi 15 August ko v nhi aa skta hai

  8. Excellent teaser

    Fantastic Action sequence

    Prabhas is back 😉

    Record to jrur todegi sahoo

  9. I was expecting better but this is Rohit shetty type shit... Off course it will take big opening but will become flat thereafter...

  10. I was expecting better but this is Rohit shetty type shit...

  11. Akki Apni movie Kabhi bhi release Kare ussne hit superhit blockbuster Hona hi hai baaki Jo virodhi hai Akshay ke unhone har haal mein Rona hi hai

  12. Uri was directed by a young director so is this one. The punches looks impactful, the actions looks huge and ground breaking and above all prabhas looks fit and in the prime of his life. All in all zabardast teaser a event movie is coming

  13. Slman ke fans doob ke mar jaao Prabahsh ke p#@ab me. . Teaser aisa h to trailer kaisa hoga. . Aur movie to faad degi. . Lol bharat jaisi movie dekhne waalo real cinema dekhi





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