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June 24, 2019

Kabir Singh 4th Day (Monday) Collection Early Trends, Outstanding Hold!

Kabir Singh has shown outstanding hold on Monday (4th day) at box office as early trends for the day is coming in. This is excellent news and initial trends suggest film has every possibility of attaining Blockbuster verdict now. Still it is early days and 2nd Friday is highly important for that to happen.

Kabir Singh recorded similar occupancy on Monday as like Friday in many places. Overall drop is just 10-15%. This is fantastic. Again a lot of shows are Sold Out for the day. Only issue is ticket prices which are lower for weekdays. Hence, business drop will be more.

Occupancy Report for Monday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 40% (Fri - 51%)

Noon - 55-60% (Fri - 60%)

Evening-Night - 70% (Fri - 80%)

Though it is too early to make any prediction for the day. Still early trend suggest film is registering a business drop in the region of 30%. At places drop is bit more and at other it is less. This means film fourth day collection is trending towards 13-14 crore nett for the day. Means film 4 days total is trending towards a whopping 83-84 crore nett mark.

Kindly Note - Estimates are considered from very limited samples at this moment. Hence, actual may vary accordingly.


  1. Much bigger than Bharat 1st Monday collection 9.2 crore.
    Festival weekend Superstar 😂😂😂
    Next Dabang 3 on Christmas weekend and again Inshallah on next year Eid weekend.

  2. Boxofficeindia's early trend shows it has collected near 17 crores which is insane number on a regular Monday without holiday and that too coming from a huge weekend. This is movie has proved that still movies like this can create havoc. Also Shahid gets much deserved big hit

  3. 16 - 17 cr is possible and 100 cr in 5 flat days!

  4. Excellent trending, if 13 to 14 today than tomorrow will be double digits too and than a very good run until next Sunday. This movie is going to make a massive profit for it's distributors and producers.

    Speaking of trends this year has been showing a trend for this dark gritty movies which have realistic flawed characters as its lead, has good honest performance or great performance and has a ending that nails it working big in halls. First it was gully boys which had a great ranbir Singh performance and very good ending, than there was badla with that killer ending and now Kabir Singh with both performance and that beautiful ending. If we go by this trend than super30 and article15 both will outperform in the box-office. Both are dark gritty and have a realistic character as the lead and probably will have a good ending. I had my doubts about super30 before but now it looks it will easily cross 100cr and article15 might become a big surprise.

    1. Well written Modest bhai and happy news is that KS now trends for 17 to 18 cr net. It looks like it's going to go over 200 cr net which is an insane number! Happy for Shahid Kapoor who is getting his long due. 😊 And yeah I also feel like Article 15 might surprise. Super 30 also looks promising.

  5. Superb!

    Kash Eid pe release hoti toh 250cr Aram se karti lekin sallu ne Eid waste kar dali

  6. Is hisab se 200 cr ho sakte h....Superb movie

  7. Presen towards Definite 180cr mark

  8. Shahid kapoor awesome... .Beat by
    All actors u acting super love u
    Ab aise he movie bana