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June 5, 2019

Bharat vs Thugs of Hindostan Box Office Opening Comparison

Thugs of Hindostan holds the box office record for highest ever opening day. Will Bharat challenge that? It is tough but not impossible.

Bharat opened to around 65% occupancy in morning shows on day one. For same TOH opening was around 60%. However TOH registered unprecedented growth in day time. Film hold outstandingly well in Evening and Night shows.

Here in case of Bharat film has to deal with few factors. First major one is there is a World Cup Cricket Match happening between India and South Africa. That will definitely come into play from Afternoon onward. Hence, registering 85-90% occupancy as like TOH will be extremely difficult. Second factor is Bharat ticket prices are lower than TOH. Third factor is that screening of Bharat is again lower than TOH. 

TOH had Diwali holiday whereas Bharat has EID holiday. That evens out. However there is one major factor going in case of Bharat and that is Salman factor. One can never underestimate the power of 'Salmania' at box office. And that also on day one. So let's stay positive and hope that Bharat at least go near the figure of TOH by the end of first day.

Occupancy Report for First Day - 

Morning -

Bharat -> 65%
TOH -> 60%

Noon -

Bharat - N/A
TOH - 90%

Evening-Night -

Bharat - N/A
TOH - 85%

Screen Count on First Day

Bharat - 4500-4600 approx
TOH - 5000 approx

Thugs of Hindostan First Day (Thursday) Collection - 52.25 crore nett


  1. 15-20% Bharat Ticket Price Lower Then TOH🙏 500 Screens Less 👍

    Most IMP INDvsSA

  2. Compare it with TZH or Bharat or PRDP, not the opening day of TOH. Its impossible to reach

  3. Ticket hike is there in bharat also.and kal tak the bharat highest screens m 4800 the.n ab toh k aage ho gae jblga toh ka beat nai n hypocrite.ys bt mtch is nly factr .toh released in 4600 screen not ngtv se piche ho gya warna salmn kch nai h.eid is btr factr dan diwali cz of frm day 2 it vl fall huge .wait n watch.n let kabir singh arrive😂.salmn darpok ne dark phoenix ko screening nai dia .n vn collctn vl fall dn Phoenix vl gt cz it's a good movie

  4. Ullu khan ki bharat bi TOH ki trh floo hogi

  5. Chutiye gujjar bharat aaj bhi theater see out hogayi toh 180 cr ki profit hoga blockbuster nahi all time blockbuster hai toh ka budget zyaada tha bharat budget 100cr satellite rights sold 120cr boi 170cr till now count kar chutiye gujre