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June 14, 2019

Bharat vs Game Over vs Men in Black Screen Count as on 14-06-2019

Bharat has managed to retain good amount of screening for the second week. Film has retained around 45% of screening from week one. It amounts to around 2100 screens for the week 2. That is more than enough to do big business in the second week. Question is will it be able to do that? We will have the answer by end of 2nd Monday for sure.

New release Game Over has managed just around 700 screens. This is again more than enough for such genre film with the face value it has. But film has to fight it out with Bharat, Men in Black: International (Hollywood) and other holdover releases. Going may get tough in coming days.

MIB has got good release across India in around 1400 screens. MIB released a week after the big release of Bharat and hence got the required screens. X Men clashed with Bharat and hence got half of the screens. Had X Men released in some other time film would have easily got 1500 or more screens. It is a case study for Hollywood films.

Screen Count as on 14th June, 2019

Bharat - 2100 screens

Game Over - 700 screens

MIB - 1400 screens

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