June 8, 2019

Bharat Third Day (Friday) Box Office Collection Report, Good Hold!

Bharat has hold pretty well on Friday (3rd day) as film is coming off from Eid Holiday (Wednesday) and Baasi Eid Partial Holiday (Thursday). Film has reported a drop in the region of 25-30% which is ok. 

A drop in the region of 15% would have been good in general cases. But here film is coming off from holiday period and hence drop is more. We can say that Bharat has passed the crucial Friday test. Now film needs to show upturn on Saturday and Sunday.

Bharat has collected a very good 22.2 crore nett on day 3. This is Film total collection currently stands at whopping 95.5 crore nett. Film is all set to go past 100 crore mark on Saturday. In fact film is chasing 120 crore nett mark by the end of the day or even more. Film is on track to touch 150 crore nett by the end of Sunday (day 5). Film is doing well at box office and Bharat again ascertain the box office pull of Salman Khan.

Collection Breakup - 

Wednesday - 42.3 crore nett

Thursday - 31 crore nett

Friday - 22.2 crore nett

Total - 95.5 crore nett

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  1. Disappointing living in an era of Bahubaali and Avengers and then seeing so called Biggest star first 3 days collection.Now the wait will be for Hrithik vs Tiger action film.

  2. Good hold, Saturday and Sunday, should be 30+cr=65=150+cr weekend. :)

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  4. @Arijith, dono movie star power se nahi chali hai, dono ki making acchi thi aur sab ke liye surprise tha,Na usme salman, Amir, aur na hritik tha, phir bhi bollywood to takker di.hota hai trend aisa hua hai ki year mai koi ek movie aati hai aur sabko shock dekar jaati HAI.URI bhi example hai. don't worry aaj ki date mai koi bhi kisi ka bhi record tod sakta hai.

    1. Bhai thats the point we are satisfied with this collection then Bollywood can never compete with Bahubaali 2 like films.

  5. Is this a joke? Good joke admin

  6. Good hold one mustn't forget the movie came from a great opening , a growth today and another 20% growth tomorrow will confirm the movie won't crash on Monday.

  7. Whopping at 95??? Sorry but it was meant to smash the 3 days records by a distance???
    Any ways good luck to Bharat its gna need it from monday onwards

  8. 165 crore after Sunday because the content of the movie is great. Sunday will be huge then Wednesday.

  9. No one can give the Hatrick of flops that too on biggest festival eid

    One n only Sallu The Megastar(for his fans only)


    Note:Eid weekend hai toh collectin hai Varna 100cr bhi mushkil hai sallu ke film ke liye.

    Sallu will never break Aamirs record!

    Na opening na weekend na life time fir bhi Megastar(for his fans)
    Accha mazak hai.


    Only Aamir will break his own record!

  10. Admin is very smartly hiding his disappointment by saying like gold hold, normal drop, whopping and bla blah.. And what film has passed the crucial friday test, really? So biggst superstar is only capable of 22 crs on its first friday.. grow up, even on a normal non holiday weekend a good movie with good opening is more than capable of staying above 30 crs net mark on all days of weekend.. so its clear this movie has been rejected by the audience.

  11. मुझे ये समझ नै आता है,ये सब मक्खी का सलमान से तुलना क्यों करता है,अजय,वरुण,टाइगर श्रॉफ से करे,,,रणबीर,रणवीर तो आगे निकल चुका है।

  12. 3 dsys collwction even lesser than Race 3 lol

  13. इस रवि को कोई समझाओ, wed, thur, fri का कमाई है,बेचारा बहुत हताश दिख रहा हैl😂

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  15. Does somone Spotted Sunil bhai (sunil khurana)in the comments section..welcome bak Sunil bro this comment section lacks fire power with our u..by the way bharath is a good film and will b hit for sure..also race is an semi hit-avg grosser and tubelight is a below avg-flop..





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