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June 4, 2019

Bharat Advance Booking Report, It's Very Good!

Bharat has reported very good advances across Pan India. This is extremely good news and film is all set to take bumper start on Wednesday. If EID falls on Wednesday, which is a most likely probability then film might even take earth shattering start at ticket counters.

Now coming to much awaited Advance Booking Report of Bharat for Wednesday (first day only). Film has already reported an advance booking of 35% in the samples we have gathered so far. Be it multiplexes or single screens, advances are nearly same.

Still one more day is left. No doubt by the time of first show starts, advances might be 50% or even more. Which means we can easily expect 65-70% occupancy for Wednesday or even more. That is huge start considering film is all set to release in excess of 4000 screens pan India.

Advances in mass dominated centers varies from good to outstanding. This is great news as advance booking generally in mass dominated centers is very low prior to film release. In Bihar film is all set to take record breaking start as film is reporting outstanding advances there. All existing record in Bihar might be re-written this Friday. 

Mumbai is bit slow in advances and that might pick up today. Still it is not that bad. Delhi NCR part is reporting excellent advances. Even in South India say at Chennai film is reporting good to very good advances. This is a rarity nowadays. 

There is no doubt that Bharat will take biggest opening of year 2019. Question is where film will stand against Thugs of Hindostan which holds the opening box office record so far. By end of the day (late night) we will have bit of idea on that. Hence, we might bring another update on Advance Booking on Bharat late night today. Stay tuned for that.


  1. If film carries good report then we might see first 400 crores in india

  2. Doesn't look as if it can beat TOH opening.
    But if initial word of mouth from 1st shows is good, then the remaining shows could be house full.

  3. Out righ flop 180 krore kamal hasan ki hindustani ki nakal hai

  4. Please mystify earth shattering opening?? If releasing in excess of 4000 screens so 50 crores must be a walk in the park!! But knowing you guys 25 to 30 crores would be historic!! Excuses will come out its a midweek release. Eid is not that big as diwali or xmas release!! Stop promoting opening day record look what happened to TOH

  5. It shud b salmans best film crossing 300 crore