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June 29, 2019

Article 15 2nd Day (Saturday) Collection Early Trends, Big Jump

Article 15 is showing very good growth on Saturday (2nd day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Film is reporting a fantastic jump of 55% or so from Friday. This is good news and it means film is now heading towards a healthy first weekend.

Article 15 opened to 35-40% occupancy in morning shows. Film showed jump in noon time and registered an occupancy of 70%. Film has further shown growth from evening onward and as per latest registering an excellent occupancy of 80-85%

Occupancy Report for Saturday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 35-40%

Noon - 70%

Evening - 80-85%

Early trends suggest, Article 15 second day collection is trending towards 7-7.5+ crore nett region. Night shows are just started and major reports from interiors are awaited. Hence, final count may vary accordingly.

Kindly Note - Estimates are considered from very limited samples at this moment. Hence, actual may vary accordingly.


  1. Very good trend, if there is double digit tomorrow than this movie will be a confirmed hit.

    Anyway seen the movie. The movie is very dark I mean literally it's really dark lol. Most of the scene is either shot in the dark or in the fog. Whatever scene was left was filled with dark flirt and garbage. In addition to that the movie also has a dark heavy subject lol. The subject itself was interesting ,I found the investigation and all the roadblocks faced by ayusmann interesting and a good watch but the director also tired to convoy a lot of other messages specially in the ending which I found a bit too much . The acting are very good specially ayusmann's, the movie is basically all him and he did a very honest and a good job there was not a ounce of overacting in the whole movie, the acting might be actually really good. After him the performance came from the fat comedian from wanted he was good too. All in all article 15 is not a great movie neither a bad movie it a OK good movie with a very good performance by the lead. Due to its low budget I think it will be a winner in the box-office anything bigger than that depends on the acceptance of the audience.

  2. Good film and it deserves to be a HIT film