Will X-Men: Dark Phoenix affect Bharat screening this EID? Screen Count Details!


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May 30, 2019

Will X-Men: Dark Phoenix affect Bharat screening this EID? Screen Count Details!

We have received few emails regarding the box office clash of Bharat and Hollywood biggie X-Men Dark Phoenix. It is been asked whether this Hollywood biggie will affect the screening of Bharat? Let us answer straight.

Yes, X-Men series is one of the loved franchise not only in India but also across the globe. Yes, film will do superlative business worldwide.  Yes, they are releasing the film on 5th of June in India. But in ground reality it is suicidal to clash with Bharat as former will hardly get any screens.

We tell you why?

No single screen in India be it North or South or East or West is ready to give even a single show to Dark Phoenix. Yes, exhibitors have a lot say in film screening. A Salman Khan film on EID is a festive moment for all and more so for the exhibitors. They try to squeeze additional shows for Salman films. And this time Bharat is very hot in trade and exhibitors are trying as much as possible shows for the film. In that case Dark Phoenix is a big loser.

Yes, Dark Phoenix is a Fox Star Studios film and they have a good hold in distribution market. They will get ample screens in multiplexes but again timing may not be prime time. Reason! Even a flop Salman Khan films do business in excess of 100 crore nett and runs with good occupancy for atleast for 1 week in theaters. It is Diwali time for exhibitors and who will let that go.

What is the guarantee that Dark Phoenix will rule box office from word go itself. Yes, there is a scenario if Bharat does badly at box office and Dark Phoenix gets positive reports then later might get good screening in week 2.

After talking to few exhibitors it is clear that Bharat is all set to get huge 4000-4500+ screens in India. Screening could increase also and may even touch historic 5000. This is like a solo release itself. X-Men will get less than 1000 screens in India. If film was released in some other period then it would have got 1500 screens. Now that is not the case anymore.

Final thought - Bharat will have simply no effect as far as screening is concerned despite having an official so called clash with Dark Phoenix. However, film business may be affected by a bit as few section in neutral audience might prefer Dark Phoenix ahead of Bharat. 


  1. Mark my word - Bharat will be average.

    1. average, lol, it will be a disaster, only eid holiday will save it

    2. ek din ka eid holiday save karega