Will Bharat Business be Affected by India's World Cup Matches? Detailed Analysis and bit of Box Office Prediction!


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May 28, 2019

Will Bharat Business be Affected by India's World Cup Matches? Detailed Analysis and bit of Box Office Prediction!

Bharat is releasing on 5th of June, 2019. On same day India plays it first world cup match against South Africa. On 9th June which is 1st Sunday, India plays against Australia which is probably one of the biggest matches of World Cup.

It is not over yet. India plays Pakistan on 16th June, 2019 which is 2nd Sunday for Bharat at box office. In between India plays another big World Cup match against New Zealand. 

Below is the itinerary of India cricket matches compared to Bharat movie dates clash.

Bharat vs India's World Cup Matches Schedule - 

Bharat Day 1 (5th June, 2019, 1st Wednesday) - India vs South Africa 

Bharat Day 5 (9th June, 2019, 1st Sunday) - India vs Australia

Bharat Day 9 (13th June, 2019, 2nd Thursday) - India vs New Zealand

Bharat Day 12 (16th June, 2019, 2nd Sunday) - India vs Pakistan

Bharat had a good chance to break all time box office opening records on 1st Wednesday, if EID holiday falls on date. But there is a cricket match happening between India vs South Africa. Which is also India's first match in the World Cup. Hence, chances of happening is less now. Yes, no doubt crazy Salman Khan fans will watch the movie no matter what. But there is a neutral audience who is planning to watch the film and a good portion of that might skip it on day one for the cricket match. Now it is all upto hardcore Salman fans to put up a big first day at box office.

Bharat had another big shot to break Biggest Single Days record and that on 1st Sunday. But on that day India faces Australia. There is no doubt that a major portion of neutral will again stay in home to watch this mouth watering clash.

Sad part for Bharat is that it's biggest two box office days (Wednesday - EID Day and 1st Sunday) are having cricket matches. That also big ones. Apart from that film will face cricket matches every day although it may not feature India. There is no doubt that these matches will have a dent at ticket counters. 

If any other star would have released his film in these period it would have been suicidal. But same can't be said about Salman as his fan following is unparalleled at this moment. So box office impact because of world cup cricket matches may not be huge.

We also can't criticize makers of Bharat as EID always been a fruitful time to release a film. More so if Salman stars in that film. World Cup schedule is declared much later. Who would have thought that India will play two major matches in first 5 days of Bharat movie.

As there is no doubt that Bharat box office performance will be affected by World Cup matches. Let's discuss how much it will be affected?

We think in long run film lifetime business may be affected by a significant 10-15%. If film word of mouth comes out excellent or extra-ordinary then affect might be less than that. May be less than 10% also. Who knows.

However film will be significantly affected in first 5 days for sure. Two major box office days and two major cricket matches. We only hope that somehow EID holiday falls on Thursday. As there is no India matches on Thursday, we might see audiences come out to theaters on that day and we might see some box office records being shattered on that day.

Yes, Salman has immense fan following. But India cricket matches do affect film business. Here we are talking about world cup matches which comes in four years and we are talking about some big matches. Yes, die-hard Salman fans might prefer the movie first but others will have a choice. 

Another major problem is the timing of the matches. It is the peak Afternoon to Night time when matches will be played and that time also is peak time for theater going audiences.

We don't want to sound to negative, but this world cup schedule is going mostly against the film prospect. Hence, we might see some weird trending in first 7-8 days. A Saturday business may be higher than Sunday. A Monday or any other weekday business may be close to weekends. 

However, problem is if film word of mouth is mixed to negative. Then film will be badly affected by the World Cup matches. Hope that is not the case with Bharat.

Box Office Prediction (taking World Cup Matches into account) - 

Wednesday (First Day) - 30-35 crore nett (if EID falls on Wednesday). Note - India plays first match against South Africa.

If EID Holiday falls on Thursday (Second Day) - 40-45 crore nett (considering mixed to positive word of mouth). Extraordinary Word of Mouth gives film potential to challenge 50 crore nett or more.

First Weekend (Wed to Sun)

If accepted: more than 160-170+ crore nett.
If mixed: 130-150 crore nett.
If rejected: less than 125 crore nett.


If accepted: 300+ crore nett.
If mixed: 180-290 crore nett.
If rejected: Less than 175 crore nett.

We will try to bring a detailed Box Office Prediction of Bharat movie and see whether film will be a HIT or FLOP at box office!


  1. Good article Addatoday.
    Will be interesting to see what happens with the collections.
    If word of mouth is good, then collections won't be affected too much.

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  4. Total 5 days Weekend
    Indias Cricket Match falls on Wednesday & Sunday
    If movie is GOOD then very much chance to collection another days.
    But if the Movie is BAD then it's collection will be down from Monday.
    Those days are finished when only Star Power can Superhit a worst Movie. So I think this is not a big problem for a good movie and how can say them a Super Star that make their movies only Festive Period. For this kind of PACKAGE MOVIES (Official remake of Korean movie ODE TO MY FATHER)South Film Industry finished Bollywood Film Industry market in TV and Cinema Hall.

    1. Lol south film industry finished Bollywood film industry market in TV and cinema hall where did you get this theory. South film really had a good run on TV but there film started to look one dimensional and repeative now so the rating are no longer as high they use too. As for cinema hall south is divided into many territorys and none of them are doing exploding business that many here thinks some of them are even struggling like the Tamil film industry but there will always be exceptional movies which works every where be it north or south which is good because we get to see good movies and real good hard working talented people getting their dues. As for Bharat the trailer is good and movie also needs to be good because the wWorld Cup will effect it's business .

  5. In my opinion movie will be ok but not very good. Word of mouth will not be very good. Will do a business of around 200 crores plus minus 7 percent.

  6. OMG talk about excuses!! What a stupid article.
    TOH had a record breaking opening day but what happened it faltered!!
    Why are you guys hell bent on opening record!! If the content is good it will do great business!!
    Bharat could end up another tubelight or Race 3

  7. Well Dangal, Pk Uri and many more didnt gad a bb opening, but still its bb status at the end

  8. Songs of Bharat except Slow Motion all are big flops

    1. dont worry bharat movie will also be a flop, lallu khan is only surviving because of eid and christmas otherwise his movies will struggle to collect even 100 cr