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May 6, 2019

The Tashkent Files 4th Weekend Collection, Stays Strong

A film that has taken less than 40 lakh nett start on day 1 has crossed 13 crore nett in 24 days. Yes, The Tashkent Files is having a dream run at box office and film is still not out. Film will certainly cross 15 crore nett in India and may even challenge unthinkable 20 crore nett mark.

The Tashkent Files has collected an approx 1.8 crore nett in fourth weekend. Film total collection currently stands at approx 13.25 crore nett. Film should touch 14 crore nett by the end of week four.

Film will now emerge as a successful (Above Average or Semi Hit) at box office. As for Clean Hit film needs good run for another 2-3 weeks or so.

Collection Breakup -

Week 1 - 3.5 crore nett

Week 2 - 4.2 crore nett

Week 3 - 3.75 crore nett

Weekend 4 - 1.8 crore nett

Total - 13.25 crore nett


  1. The film is already hit according to wiki it has budget of 2.5 crores

  2. He doesn't know maths . If movie doubles it's investment, then it is considered Super Hit. He is not even acknowledging a hit. Intetestingly, after watching this movie, I got the answer why corrupt media is not declaring this movie a hit.

    Also, Movie has crossed 15 cr collection by end of 4th week. So it is already 10+ cr profits. Media has stopped reporting collection as it will run house full even in 5th week and they can't digest..