May 12, 2019

Student of The Year 2 Sunday (3rd Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows, Better Start!

Sunday has taken better opening in comparison to both Friday and Saturday. But again it is election day and thus any kind of growth will be wiped out by closure of cinema halls at various places. 

However, there will be rush in evening and night shows as halls will be open by then. But again there is IPL finals from evening onward which will again cut out the benefits.

Sunday aim will be to stay as close to Saturday numbers. If that happens it will be an achievement of sort considering there is election and important cricket match.

Now coming to Sunday morning shows. Film has opened to around 33-35% across the multiplexes. Opening is better than both Saturday and also Friday. 

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows - 

Sunday - 33-35%

Saturday - 28-30%

Friday - 25%

SOTY 2 has collected nearly 26 crore nett in first 2 days. Film aim will be to touch 40 crore nett for the weekend. It will be a decent first weekend total. Hope film holds strong on Monday otherwise it will be tough road ahead.

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  1. Movies wom is 6.2 better than 4.8 of Kalank. But Kalank had bigger cast, set ,budget and hype. This one only has tiger. Let's see what happens in Monday.

  2. It's imdb ratings is only 2.1 where Kalank has a better 3.6 ratings lol. Which makes it more interesting how this movie will do in monday

  3. Movies shud be meaningful. We expect good content


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