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May 25, 2019

PM Narendra Modi and India's Most Wanted Friday (1st Day) Box Office Collection

PM Narendra Modi had a decent first day (Friday) at box office. Film did enjoy decent occupancy all through the day. Film might have also got benefitted by election result as people came out to watch the flick. Saturday trend will show whether film can grow further from here on or not.

Modi has collected 2.8 crore nett approx on day 1. Film enjoyed around 20% occupancy for the first day. Occupancy although was pretty low in morning with less than  10%. But it picked up well from evening onward with around 30-35% registered for evening-night shows. 

Modi start is decent and even a decent to good jump will help the film cause as budget of the film is on controlled side. If film enjoy decent trending from here on then it will have a respectable first weekend total.

India's Most Wanted had a very low start on opening Friday (1st day) at box office. Film got decent screening across India but failed to utilize fully as most of the cinema halls registered low occupancy all through the day.

IMW has collected 2.1 crore nett on day 1. First day average occupancy is around 15%. This is shocking to say the least. Film opened to 5-10% occupancy in morning shows and ended the day with 20-25% occupancy which is again in lower range. Hope film performs much better on Saturday otherwise it is game over for the film.

Ideally IMW need to double its collection from Friday. If not double then it needs a 70-80% growth on day 2 to stay in the box office. Hard times ahead!


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