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May 26, 2019

India's Most Wanted Movie Review - Critics

List of India's Most Wanted Movie Review from various popular critics and news portals. Kindly bookmark this page to check all the reviews which will be updated accordingly.

Total Reviews - 10

Average Score - 2.72/5

Overall Word of Mouth (Critics) - Mixed to Positive!

1. Raja Sen / Hindustan Times -

Rating Score -> 2/5
All this film needed to be was smart. It is thorough — there is much waiting around and scrutiny of agents and potential double-agents — but for a film about intelligence, this isn’t particularly bright.
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2. Newsd (IANS) -

Rating Score -> 4/5
India's Most Wanted is that rare film on counter-terrorism which seems to show no inclination to overplay its cards, Rajkumar Gupta's target here is to not show his hero indulging in scene-stealing heroics (the kind Akshay Kumar would be seen doing), but to put the protagonist, a docile humble unostentatious man Prabhat who never smiles because...well, what is there to smile about? 

3. Mid Day - 1st Review -

Rating Score -> 2/5
What plays out essentially is a Run Lola Run (1999) kinda fast-paced, rudimentary thriller with background score guiding your every move, and heightened the drama in every scene to fill up time. Frankly, nothing really happens for you to care enough. And the movie at two hours plus simply appears an hour too long. Ah! Felt like an empty shell -- well, to me, anyway.
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4. Mid Day - 2nd Review -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
"Laila Kamaal Daroga Dhamaal," this dialogue is sure to remain in your minds even after exiting the multiplex. This Arjun Kapoor film is not here to enrich you with jingoism, or a manual on how to be patriotic or love your country – India's Most Wanted is about staying undercover, accomplish your mission and disappear without a trace.

5. Zoom TV -

Rating Score -> 3/5
First thing first, India's Most Wanted is a good watch. The movie is not without its flaws and in fact, they are in abundance but that doesn't mean it isn't good. There are several moments in the film that keep you engrossed. While the first half has some unnecessary scenes, it is the second half that lifts the movie. Overall, India's Most Wanted is a fitting tribute to India's unsung heroes. Despite its flaws, this Arjun Kapoor starrer is an interesting and inspiring tale.
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6. Latestly -

Rating Score -> 2/5
India's Most Wanted squanders an interesting, real-life based premise with shoddy technicalities and a listless execution. For a spy thriller, the movie lacks two of the most needed ingredients to make the mission successful - energy and thrills. India's Most Wanted ends up being Mission: Unbearable for the audience.
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7. Times of India -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
Arjun Kapoor is sincere but is unable to engage you fully with the trials and tribulations of his character. He does little to uplift the film that solely works for its story. The crime drama holds your attention despite the odds, given the gravity of the events it chronicles. It’s commendable how Raj Kumar Gupta doesn’t fall for the staples - needless songs, glamorous female character and jingoism. IMW is an earnest ode to the unsung heroes of our country - a story that deserves to be heard. 
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8. Bollywood Bubble -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
‘India’s Most Wanted’ is only good in patches and the film does pick some momentum later on in the second half. Arjun is trying his level best to nail his role as an IB officer, but he is not up to the mark. Whether Arjun manages to catch ‘India’s Osama’ or not is the only part worth watching and that will Force you to sit throughout the film.
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9. IN -

Rating Score -> N/A
Arjun Kapoor carries a lot of the film singlehandedly and digs into whatever the director of films like No One Killed Jessica, Raid and Aamir has to offer. There are no forced song and dance sequences in this one and that’s a saving grace. Watch India’s Most Wanted for Arjun Kapoor and his band of brothers. It’s a story of guts and pride.
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10. DNA -

Rating Score -> 3/5
If you’re in the mood for a documentary-styled ‘real’ film, you may find something to take back from here. Having said that, in this case, the intention can be lauded, but definitely not the execution.

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