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April 27, 2019

Avengers: Endgame India 2nd Day (Saturday) Collection Early Trends, Another Humongous Day on cards!

Avengers: Endgame has smashed all box office record in India. Film did historic business in day one and it seems that day 2 business is also going the same way. Don't be surprised if Saturday collection also touches 50 crore in India.

Avengers: Endgame started the day with bang as reported 85-90% occupancy in morning shows. Film picked up in day time to register occupancy of 90-95% for noon shows. Evening and night shows have hold up well to record occupancy of 90%+.

If only big cities and metros are taken into account then day 2 business is similar to day 1. There is no such drop. However, in interiors there is a minuscule drop of 5-10% is seen. Again drop is not that big.

Early trend suggest, Avengers: Endgame second day collection is heading towards a massive 48-50 crore nett mark. It means film is all set to touch 100 crore nett in India in just 2 days. All existing records are smashed. Means, first weekend is now all set to be in excess of 150 crore nett.

Endgame is heading to be a massive Hit in India. Film will enter Hit zone by end of opening weekend itself. Film has good chance of emerging as a Blockbuster. If film shows decent to good trending for the first 2 weeks then it should easily emerge as an All Time Blockbuster in India.


  1. The madness in the box-office continues 😘

  2. This is very easily crossing 150 crores in opening weekend. Might aswell score over Bahubali's opening week record of 247 crores (though it would need to sustain very well during week days). The lifetime is sure to go above 300 Crores & likely to cross 375 crores.

    Now, here are some stats

    Opening day record - Avengers: End Game
    Opening Weekend Record - Avenger:End Game (Likely)
    1st Week Record - Bahubali 2 (Likely to cross - Avengers: End Game)
    2nd Weekend Record - Bahubali 2
    2nd Week Record - Bahubali 2
    3rd Weekend Record - Bahubali 2
    3rd Week Record - Bahubali 2
    Lifetime Record - Bahubali 2

    So if anything, this is a kick in the balls of bollywood. All the stardom of top stars simply fades before the above numbers. This is the Bollywood's broken legacy due to leftist mindset that has always delved into delivering substandard products & yet hopes that people will continue lapping it up. Hardly any bollywood product can match up to the scale of Avengers movie or Bahubali movies. It continues to lionize mediocre directors like Anurag Kashyap, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Vishal Bharadwaj etc, falsily glorifying these idiots as some sort of India's answer to Francis Ford Copola, Martin Scorcese, or Christopher Nolan.

    Mark the words, in next 5/10 years, Hollywood & Tamil/Telugu movies would be ruling the roost & Bollywood would continue churning out substandard run of a mill masala movies that'll occasionally do 200/300 crores.

  3. Give all time blockbuster status to URI first!

  4. A tight slap to the so called bollywood biggies who have the courage to release their films only during festive seasons.

  5. Correct Bollywood needs to reinvent ideas.

  6. Joy, Emotions and finally an ending.
    This is the movie for which the whole world waited. We won’t get another movie like this for sure.
    Love, Emotions, Friendship, goosebumps, and fight scenes are perfectly scripted.
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