Avengers: Endgame 3rd Day (Sunday) Collection Early Trends, Gone Bonkers


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April 28, 2019

Avengers: Endgame 3rd Day (Sunday) Collection Early Trends, Gone Bonkers

Avengers: Endgame has gone bonkers on Sunday (3rd day) at box office. Film is again reporting houseful boards all through the day and is heading for a massive day at box office. In fact Sunday numbers may edge out Friday numbers.

Film opened to around 92-93% occupancy in morning shows. Film picked up further and recorded unimaginable 95-96% in noon shows. Film has hold pretty well in evening shows and as per latest registering an occupancy of 90% or so. We can easily say that Endgame has performed to its full potential on Sunday.

Occupancy Report of Avengers: Endgame for Sunday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 92-93% (Sat - 88-90%)

Noon - 95-96% (Sat - 90%)

Evening-Night - 90% (Sat - 91%)

Early trends suggest, film 3rd day collection is trending towards anywhere between 52-54 crore nett for the day. If interior reports are good then film can even touch 55 crore nett for the day. This is mindboggling stuff. 

Avengers: Endgame first weekend collection in India is heading towards 157-159 crore nett mark. Film should touch 200 crore nett mark in 5 days flat!


  1. Kesari lifetime collection broken in just 3 days.
    That's also Akki best performance beside 2.0

    1. Bhai I have noticed all your anger towards akshay yes akshay doesn’t have 200 crores yet but he has not given any flop in last 5 years

      Why don’t you ever highlight Srk as his films have failed to cross even 90 crores Zero fan JhMS

      His performance in last 5 years is laughable but you won’t and I get the reason

    2. Only reason why akki's film have successful because most of his films are low budget. Test will be when budget of his hindi movie will be more than 150 crore. And Hisefull 4 Will be in that segment. I wish and pray it shows success at box office in a big way.

    3. Your name is unknown but you gave an universal known facts ..thanks

  2. Mind boggling stuff to say the least!

  3. wow lallu khans race3 will be crossed in 4 days flat that too without eid holidays, also tubelight crossed in 2 days flat. Now about tingu khans torcher of hindustan that also crossed in 3 days flat. No need to mention about haklu khan, his movies dont collect more than 80 cr now

  4. Good cinema has no boundaries.

  5. Zero movie ka record two days me broken flop hero srk

  6. Unimaginable. Lifetime should be above 300 crores.

  7. This is the figure for all language as the film is released in hindi english Tamil Telugu etc.
    A fair comparison with hindi films will be to give the figure of only the Hindi version

  8. Do not compare with any Hindi films no Indian movie have ever done this numbers in 2900 screen. The craze is unprecedented.

  9. I really like Akshay
    When 2.O came what happened to akki fans
    Why they didn't went and watched movie twice or thrice.
    That movie was worth 350+ crore.
    Akki fans troll other fan collection,but they themselves wont go and watch his movie.
    On other has Salman flop movies according to some fans also earn in range of 170-180 crore worldwide 300+crore.
    So akki fans stop poking others.
    Go and watch everyone movie which is good.
    In this way only Bollywood progress,otherwise no Khan,khumar,Kapoor can save Bollywood if we fight.
    Great example is Avenger endgame.
    It's high time support each other movies

  10. Indian films doesn't have universal audience and second thing who will spend 2000crores to spend? Avengers types movie means Salman SRK Amir Akshay Hirthik in one frame is it possible?