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April 6, 2019

Andhadhun starts well in China, First 3 Days Business Update!

Andhadhun is doing very well at China box office and if same trends follow for another 2-3 days then film should emerge as a success at box office.

Andhadhun is released on 1st Wednesday in China and has collected a decent $ 1.06 million. Film collected $ 1.78 million on 1st Thursday with a jump of 65-70% from day 1. 

Andhadhun showed huge growth on 1st Friday (day 3) and has collected a very well $ 3.33 million. Jump from previous day is huge 85-90%. Film total at the end of 3 days business in China stands at approx $ 6.43 million including paid previews.

After such a good start there is no doubt that film will go past $ 10 million mark in China. Real question is whether film can emerge as a success and can challenge $ 20 million or even $ 25 million plus business there. We will get to know the answer very soon.

Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 - $ 1.06 million

Day 2 - $ 1.78 million

Day 3 - $ 3.33 million

Total - $ 6.43 million


  1. Wow, after doing so well at Indian box office too.
    Great film, and a article Addatoday, thanks.
    Can this update also include the figure in Crores aswell?