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April 12, 2019

Andhadhun China extended First Week (9 Days) Box Office Collection, Set to Emerge as a Massive Hit

Andhadhun is all set to emerge as a massive hit in China. In fact if 2nd Friday remain strong film should emerge as a Blockbuster in long run. Film is on upward trend with 2nd Thursday business is higher than 2nd Wednesday. In fact film lowest business was on day one.

Andhadhun has added an approx $ 1.56 million on day 9. Film total collection stands at approx $ 19.75 million (INR 136.5 crores). As we write film has already crossed $ 20 million in China.

Film has retained good showings for week 2. This means film is now truly on to touch or cross $ 30 million mark. Trend suggest film is on track to touch $ 35-40 million in China in its lifetime. That means film will emerge as a Blockbuster.

Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 - $ 1.06 million

Day 2 - $ 1.78 million

Day 3 - $ 3.40 million

Day 4 - $ 4.05 million

Day 5 - $ 3.26 million

Day 6 - $ 1.46 million

Day 7 - $ 1.42 million

Day 8 - $ 1.50 million

Day 9 - $ 1.56 million

Total - $ 19.75 million (INR 136.5 crores)


  1. @ adda today, do you know there are almost 50000 screens in china compared to 7000 in india, that is almost 7 times that of india. That means that $20 million (140 cr) is collected in 50000 screens compared to 85 cr in india in only 3000 screens, so how can that be a blockbuster, do you even know what is the occupancy and capacity in china, so please do not make stupid comments and research well before giving incorrect and misleading info

    1. @puneet, do u know movie was released in 5000 screen not in 50000 scree. Do u know movie verdict depends on its budget and threatical rights or distributers Right not on screen occupacy, do u know movie will b blockbuster if its occupacy is less but steady for long time but one movie will flop if its occupacy is 100 % for couple of days and next day down to 10%, do u know trending of movie, which is upward for the movie as it is increasing in weekdays.. so do not make stupid coment and wait for life time run and research on threatical or distributers rights of the movie for china release.

    2. This is a very rude comment made by this Puneet. If you don't agree with the article, make a comment, but make it respectfully.

      It's a massive hit because the budget of the movie is so small, compared to the theatrical revenue this movie is bringing in.

  2. Addatoday, another good positive article for a Indian movie doing well in another country.

    Fantastic collections and trends for a fantastic movie.