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March 24, 2019

Kesari Movie Review, Tale of Extraordinary Valour of 21 Sikhs!

'Battle of Saragarhi' is one of the bravest battle ever fought in Indian history on 12th September, 1897. Movie Kesari is all about the valour and courage of those 21 Sikhs who stand tall against thousands of Afghan invaders to hold onto famous Saragarhi fort. It is a tale of extraordinary courage of those 21 Sikhs who did the impossible and unthinkable to create history!

Plot - The British Indian contingent comprised 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikhs, who were stationed at an army post and were attacked by thousands of Afghans. The Sikhs, led by Havildar Ishar Singh, chose to fight against those thousands of Afghans then just to surrender. This battle is considered by many historians as one of history's greatest last-stands.

Kesari is one of the finest battle movies ever made in India! Yes, you heard it right. 

Film first half is bit weak. First half at places is slow and boring. But excellent second half make up for all the loopholes of first half. Best part is the last 30-40 minutes till climax. Climax is the highlight! Kesari climax is one of the best ever and one gets goosebumps at the end.

Direction of Anurag Singh is fantastic. Technically film is world standard. War scenes are well shot. VFX work is top notch. Film looks visually great and grand.

Akshay Kumar has delivered one of his best performances till date. He is in simply fabulous form and looks every inch of Havildaar Ishar Singh. He is heart and soul of Kesari without a single doubt. Parineeti Chopra is impactful in her extended cameo in the film. She gives her best in all the scenes she gets in the film.

Finally, Kesari is all about sacrifice, courage and valour of 21 Sikhs who fought against thousands of Afghan invaders. Kesari is full on 'patriotism'. Last 20-30 minutes are simply epic and are the highlight of the film. Teri Mitti is one of the best song ever composed in Bollywood. It will bring tears to one's eyes.

Kesari is a must watch for all cinema lovers. It is a must watch for every Indian who wants to know this glorious past when few good man stood tall against 'impossible' and created history on 12th September, 1897 and made whole India proud!

At box office, Kesari has a very good chance of emerging as a sure shot winner. It might also become Akshay Kumar highest grosser in a lead role! We think film has potential to touch 150 crore nett or go beyond that.

Ratings - 4/5. Highly Recommended! 

"Teri mitti mein mil jaawaan. Gul ban ke main khil jaawaan. Itni si, hai dil ki.. aarzu..
Teri nadiyon mein bah jaawaan. Teri Khaiton me lahraawaan. Itni si, hai dil ki.. aarzu..!!!"


  1. Thankyou ankur sir for honest review

  2. Plz also post about early updates for today

  3. Some follish critics gives bad reviews actually movie is fabulous

  4. Positive Reviews ke Bad kesari rukne wali nhi h

  5. सच है कि केसरी अब सुपरहिट होगी 🔥🔥💪💪🚩🚩🌷👊🎐🔝

  6. कोमल नाहटा का बॉक्स ऑफिस prediction सही होता हैं 100cr. जल्द होने को बोला हैं तो इनका मतलब है केसरी 200cr. तो पक्का करेगी ।

    जय केसरी 🔥🔝🌷🚩👍🔥🔥

  7. Movie might be excellent. But your review always sucks.. For all movies similar type of reviews you people post. It seems fake.

  8. If you are going crazy over this movie why predict 150 why not 250 plus if its that good!!! Uri did the unthinkable.

  9. Must get 200 crore..Awesome Cinema...