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March 31, 2019

Kesari 2nd Sunday (11th Day) Collection Update for Morning and Noon Shows, Good Jump!

Kesari is showing good growth again on 2nd Sunday (11th day) at box office as early samples for morning and noon shows are coming in. Film is heading for a good day 11 and hence a very respectable second weekend is on cards.

Film opened to around 25-30% occupancy in morning today. Film showed huge jump in noon time and registered an occupancy of 70-75%. That is big. Film should hold strong in evening shows but may see some kind of drop in night time. Even with that there should be healthy growth from 2nd Saturday.

Occupancy Report of Kesari for 2nd Saturday (Samples only) - 

Morning -> 25-30% (2nd Sat - 15-20%)

Noon - Afternoon -> 70-75% (2nd Sat - 45-50%)

Evening - Night -> (2nd Sat - 60%)

Kesari has collected in excess of 116 crore nett in first 10 days. By the end of 2nd weekend film total is trending towards 125 crore nett. Film will emerge as a Hit inside week two. If film holds well in week 3 and week 4 then it will go past 150 crore nett mark in India for sure.


  1. 126 crores by end of second weekend and 133 crores by end of second week !

    140 crores is easy now !!! Great what a year for Hindi film industry

    Total Dhamal
    Lukka chuppi
    Gully boy

    So far we have had big winners already and it’s only 3 months


  2. I dont understand so much negativity for Akshay...He is a hit machine and churns multiple hits in a single year...On the other hand look at one actor who is still called King Khan based on his years before 2013 when it has been 6 years since he gave an outright hit movie

    In fact Fan - flop, JHMS - Disaster, Zero - Flop...All of them wrapped below 90 crores

    Than Dilwale on Xmas could not do 150 crores which was again below average

    Comeone this decade please help me understand except 2 movies in span of 10 years where did he even succeed...Chennai Express more and more I feel is because of Rohit Shetty because Srk outside Rohit has failed miserably be it Ra.One, Fan, Zero, JHMS etc....a superstar can;t have only 2 movies that make profit in 10 years....Sorry on other hand Akshay has been doing so many movies his one year has more hit movies than last 10 years of Srk

    Also I am tired of people going way back to 90s to prove Srk's stardom when we are sitting in 2019 and young people of this generation have not seen his stardom especially the entire decade is lost...yes for me who is only 19, my experience of Srk was more from 2010-2019 which has been so low that for us we dont consider him that big a star today...

  3. Fantastic
    Excellent performance

    70% occupancy jabrdast

  4. Kesari all time blockbuster
    Mind blowing movie
    Sabhi ko dekhni chahiye
    Akshay Kumar is king of Bollywood

  5. Kesari all time blockbuster
    Mind blowing movie Sabhi jakar dekho
    Akshay Kumar is king of Bollywood