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February 9, 2019

URI - The Surgical Strike 5th Friday Collection Report, Smashes Further Record!

URI - The Surgical Strike is now competing with itself only as film has left all film behind including Baahubali 2 in the 5th Friday. 5th Friday business is new record and it should be same for 5th weekend and 5th week.

URI didn't slow down at all on 5th Friday (29th day) and collected an approx 2.25 crore nett. Collections are on par or even better than 4th Thursday. Film total collection currently stands at approx 202.3 crore nett.

URI is now certain to touch 220 crore mark in India. Film can even touch 225 mark or even go beyond. Every adjective is less for URI now. Film has shown unprecedented trending so far and easily one of the best trending of all time. Definitely the best trending film in this decade.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 -> 71.25 crore nett

Week 2 -> 62.75 crore nett

Week 3 - 37.05 crore nett

Week 4 - 29 crore nett

Week 5 - 

Fri - 2.25 crore nett

Total -> 202.3 crore nett approx

Verdict -> Blockbuster


  1. This film is an ATBB no matter what. If Stree, Raazi, Badhai Ho are all blockbusters, if PK, BB, Dabang, 3I,D3, Dangal are all ATBB based on circuit records alone and not on ROI, then this film has to be an ATBB.

    1. This film is biggest hit Hindi cinema has seen in terms of ROI yet not ab a ATBB

      How can both Stree and URI be having same status ? Or Badhai Ho and URI

      This movie is earning more than Chennai express and now even Simbaa but budget is one third

      Come on this is ATBB

  2. Sometimes it takes guts to admit you are wrong

    Issue with addatoday is they maintained Blockbuster status because they thought this film will do lifetime of 175 crores

    Now 203 crores and still having a life URI will do bare minimum 230 crores

    At 230 crores URI is not an ATBB when it is made on one third budget of Chennai express

    That itself is hypocrisy as addatoday has failed to be honest and a true man or woman will gladly accept they are wrong

  3. According to budget 40 crore for average,80 crore for hit,120 crore for superhit,160 crore for blockbuster ,and 200 crore for atbb.so uri is sure shot atbb