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February 19, 2019

Gully Boy Tuesday (6th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows, Steady!

Gully Boy is steady in morning shows of Tuesday (6th day) at box office as early samples are received. Film is reporting similar occupancy as like Monday and is very much steady.

Gully Boy opened to around 20% occupancy in morning shows. Samples are from multiplexes only. For the same samples Monday occupancy was around 20-21%. As day progresses film will again register growth in occupancy and evening and night shows should perform best for the day.

Occupancy Report of Gully Boy for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Tuesday -> 20%

Monday -> 20-21%

Sunday -> 50-55%

Saturday -> 38-40%

Friday -> 23-24%

Thursday -> 45%

Gully Boy has collected in excess of 80 crore nett in first 5 days. Film is on track to touch 100 crore nett mark by the end of extended first week. As for lifetime business, we will have some idea after the end of 2nd Friday.

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  1. Great hold. The movie is going for a hit or a Superhit or may be even a blockbuster time will tell but its already a blockbuster in the metros. I can see people in metros going for repeat viewing. And it is this metro audience who has become large enough to change the game. Gone are those days when great movies like zindagy na mille dobara and even masterpiece like dil chata hay couldn't find a hit status because they where metro centric or for the class audience. Now the young and new generation are more movie educated and than the class audience themselves . Any movie which is good enough or decent enough no matter what the genre is the audience is movie matured enough to connect to it. In the end gully boy is a craze in the metros and zoya has created a new class of star for herself called the urban star or metro star. Her next movie will definitely open big in metros.