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February 21, 2019

Gully Boy Seventh Day (1st Wednesday) Box Office Collection Report

Gully Boy has shown first significant drop at box office and that has happened of day 7 that is on 1st Wednesday. Film has registered a drop of around 25-30% from 1st Tuesday. Drop is higher than usual because film is coming from a partial holiday period on Tuesday specially in Maharashtra belt.

Gully Boy has collected an approx 5.75-6 crore nett as per estimates. Thus, film total collection after 7 days is approx 95 crore nett. Film is on track to touch 100 crore mark in extended first week. Even if it misses then 100 crore will be breached on 2nd Friday.

Gully Boy just need a decent hold on 2nd Friday to emerge as a HIT. Film is already in safe zone. As for lifetime collection we will have a clear idea after 2nd Friday results. As if now it is trending towards 120-130 crore nett mark.

Collection Breakup - 

Thursday -> 19.4 crore nett

Friday -> 13.1 crore nett

Saturday -> 18.65 crore nett

Sunday -> 21.3 crore nett

Monday -> 8.65 crore nett

Tuesday -> 8.05 crore nett

Wednesday -> 5.75-6 crore nett (est)

Total -> 94.9-95.15 crore nett approx


  1. soon on daily basis URI will be ahead of this movie because URI has universal appreciation while this film is restricted to few big metros.

  2. Today I finally understood how boi harminder judge a movie. It's not how good a movie runs in the box-office or how much it is appreciated it about how much the movie work in certain regions or places. It doesn't matter if the film is great like andhadun and is a Superhit. The movie did not work in those circuits or more accurately in those certain centers than the movie is not good even it is film like andhadun. My point why can't there be a media representative for these centers. Like we see in front of geity galaxy, a center which actually loved gully boys. If you are want a real universal movie like dangal or bhahubali with giant footfalls than these centers should also be represented.

    1. boi does makes a piont but they should also appreciate a hit movie like andhadun a gully boys because they got it right. because they bring something new in the menu. beacause this chasing universals movies once almost bankrupted bollywood in early 2000. it creates a formulaic environment like a if pardes is hit than make simlar movies result flop yadain and taal, if gader is a hit than make more similar or same formulaic movie with sunny. there is worst cases in 90s and 80s i think. formulaic movie like zero did not work in this age where a gully did. in this age to make a universal movie the directors should take more feedbacks from every sector of the audience and bring something new, because dangal and bhahubali had a lot of creative new in them.

  3. Real stardom of so called superstar ranveer singh. Bharat will break this movie in just 4 days