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February 20, 2019

Gully Boy 7th Day (Wednesday) Collection Early Trends, First Significant Drop Seen!

Gully Boy has registered first significant drop at box office and that has happened on day 7 (Wednesday). This is bound to happen mainly because of two reasons.

First is film is coming from a holiday (partial holiday) period. Second film is running well in few big cities only. In rest business is poor to decent. Hence, when occupancy in these big cities have come down, overall business has come down.

Despite the drop film is on track to emerge as a HIT at box office. However, if film sees another significant drop on 2nd Friday, then it will be some struggle ahead to emerge as a Clean HIT or Super HIT.

Gully occupancy for Wednesday is given below. Tuesday occupancy is given in bracket for comparison. Around 30% drop is seen today.

Occupancy Report for Wednesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 11-12% (Mon - 20-22%)

Noon - 20% (Mon - 30-35%)

Evening-Night - 40% (Mon - 45-50%)

Early trends suggest, Gully Boy 7th day collection is trending towards 5.5-6 crore nett mark. These are very early estimates from limited samples. Final count will be higher or lower depending on how film performs in rest of the shows for the day and how film performs in interiors whose reports are awaited at this moment.


  1. Hit, Clean hit make up your mind guys!!! After Hit the next is Super Hit!!
    After Blockbuster its ATBB - u guys have article title for URI as extra ordinary or unthinkable but cannot change status to ATBB

  2. Real so called fake stardom of ranveer singh

  3. Waiting to see which one drops below 1 crore first. Uri, or Gully Boy?

    1. gully boy and totaldhamal also but uri is out of box