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January 21, 2019

Why Cheat India First Weekend Box Office Collection, it's a flop!

Why Cheat India has flopped badly at box office. Film collected very poorly in opening weekend and fate of the film is sealed. Even a miraculous trending can't save it now.

Emraan Hashmi need to re-think his film choices. Once he had a great pull in masses and that audience is also slowly disappearing now.

Why Cheat India has collected an approx 6.8 crore nett in opening weekend. The way film is trending it should touch 10 crore nett mark in its theatrical run in India. But not much after that. Means a distributor share of 5-6 crore at most in its lifetime run. Absolute shocking to say.

Collection Breakup -

Friday -> 1.7 crore nett

Saturday -> 2.45 crore nett

Sunday -> 2.65 crore nett

Total -> 6.8 crore nett (approx)

1 comment:

  1. Both soumik sen's movie Gulaab gang and cheat India are based on antihero fighting a corrupt unjust system. It sounds good but both of the movies did not find any audience. The problem is with the director whose movie looks confused conflicted and most importantly unattractive by the trailer itself. There are sustain thing you have to add to make the movie attractive or make it right . Make better movies Mr sen