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January 25, 2019

Various looks of Salman Khan from Bharat movie

Bharat Teaser is released just few minutes back and it has taken social media by storm. If you have still not watched the teaser then kindly click this link below.

Click Here -> Bharat Official Teaser

With Bharat teaser. makers have also shown glimpses of Salman Khan's various looks from the film. Salman Khan is having 5 different looks in the film. He is shown aging from 17 till 70 years in the film. 

There is a lot of VFX and post production still left for the film. However, final shooting of the film is going on and it will wrap up in few more days. After that makers will give their all in post production work. Film is scheduled for a big EID 2019 release.

Here are few screen shot from Bharat Teaser showcasing Salman's different look from the movie :-


  1. Nothing wow with the looks. 1 looks like chulbul pandey the other like sultan!! Sorry to say could be another Dud on Eid!!!

  2. This is not a TOH to brcome a dud.

    1. Ohh we forget Fusslight n Race3


    2. Tu yeha kui. Tu amor ki film Jake Dekh .bag yeha se

  3. Not interested in remake of Korean movie

  4. If you think that these are the only look then you are wrong......there is 1 or 2 more look which they did not show in this Teaser.......there is still shooting is going on and after that 5 month time left for Post Production and VFX work.......This is not even 1%.....Just wait for Trailer