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January 11, 2019

URI vs The Accidental Prime Minister vs Simmba Screen Count as on 11-01-2019

URI - The Surgical Strike and The Accidental Prime Minister are the two significant releases of the year 2019. These two are also the first major releases of the year. Both films are carrying good buzz at least in social media and only hope that they start the year with a bang.

Coming to URI first. URI has managed the most screens for the week. Film has opened to very good 2200-2300 screens across India. This is more than enough to rock big at box office. As today is normal Friday, film will open low atleast in morning and noon shows. However, if ground level reports are good then film will start showing jump from evening onward as weekend will approach.

The Accidental Prime Miister is another significant release of the day. Film has managed to get around 1200-1300 screens across India. Again, this is more than enough for such genre film to do well. Film will have to take word of mouth start. All depends on the content. Yes, there is some controversy but again that is on social media only. Nothing much in ground level.

Simmba continues to rule the box office as film has retain good enough screens for third week running. Simmba has retained a screen of 1500-1600 screens for the 3rd week. Film has potential to do well again at box office, but this time film have to take the fight to URI and TAPM.

Screen Count Details as on 11-01-2019 -

URI -> 2200-2300

The Accidental Prime Minister -> 1200-1300

Simmba -> 1500-1600


  1. URI is running house full in all theatres of bangalore. Not even a single show available in first three days. If it is big star or khan movie, you wud have given big headlines and given false figures but you hardly cares about movies based on nationalism.
    sorry to say this..

    1. Ha ha who told you house full even in many areas, shows are cancelled remind you this is not the true story so who cares??

  2. Does Hindi cinema has 2300+1500+1500 = 5300 screens