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January 11, 2019

Super 30 undergoes some changes

Super 30, a film based upon the world famous Bihar Mathematician Anand Kumar, is set to undergo some changes. 

Reports are that the filmmakers will shoot more incidents of Anand’s life and will add it in the film. There are many undiscovered sides of the personality of Anand Kumar and the filmmakers are trying their best to explore it. 

Read the words of the Mathematician himself:

“Many things have happened. I was attacked from many sides. Recently my brother suffered a road accident which I suspect to be a deliberate attempt on his life. I have many enemies, as all successful people do. But I have many more well-wishers than ill-wishers. I want all of this to be there in the film.”

Hrithk has reportedly agreed to this expansion of the bio pic and has completely absorbed and understood the life of Anand.  

Anand also adds,

“People will get to see the real Anand Kumar in Super 30. Hrithik has not just played me. He has understood my lifelong mission to provide learning to underprivileged students.”

The release date of the film hasn’t been confirmed yet but predicting it will be done soon. The details of the film have been interesting so far and hoping it will be a good one.


  1. Hrithik is wasting his super stardom. In 19 years of his career he did just 22 films. Its been 2 years of his last film Kaabil.last hit was in 2013 Krrish 3.

    1. Makers are arding more stuff as they are unsure of the product..n neither is the movie looking that hot apart from Bihari look of Hrithik..cant see it even touching 150 cr even after good appreciation if that comes its way...

    2. Bang bang was a terrible movie with no did decent 180 cr business but just like Happy New acted as the start of decline for Hrithik who was known for selecting only good movies like Aamir...

  2. Now it's getting overbored and overloaded every time it's release finalized many a time during last 6-8 months. This way movie getting delayed and delayed movies always get flopped. I also have doubt about Super 30. It will also get flop. It's my opinion only.

  3. admin why are not updating about occupancy of URI and accidental prime minister.?? I think you are also the chamcha of Ranvir and three khan... from today onwards I will not visit your website.. thanks you