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January 3, 2019

Simmba Wednesday (6th Day) Box Office Collection Report, Monster HIT!

Simmba has emerged as a all India Hit which is a absolute rarity in today's time. Film is a HIT from north to south and east to west. Makers, exhibitors, distributors all are laughing their way to the bank.

Simmba has passed crucial Wednesday (day 6) test with flying colors. As real weekdays started, film not only hold well but also collected big. This is despite reduce in ticket prices.

Simmba has collected an approx 14.5 crore nett on day 6. Film total collection after 6 days is approx 139 crore nett. Film is on track to touch 150 crore mark in the first week itself.

Simmba should in all likelihood touch 200 crore in India and emerge as a Blockbuster. 2nd Friday will give a clear indication on where film is heading in long run. If film trends exceptional even 225 or even 250 crore mark can't be ruled out. 

Film will get a chance to collect as much as possible till the big Republic day releases. Yes, there are releases in between but Simmba should retain good enough screens to collect significant at box office.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday -> 20.7 crore nett

Saturday -> 23.35 crore nett

Sunday -> 31.05 crore nett

Monday -> 21.25 crore nett

Tuesday -> 28.15 crore nett

Wednesday -> 14.5 crore nett

Total -> 139 crore nett (approx)


  1. So last Srk record also will be broken ... lol highest Rohit Shetty starter goes to Ranveer

  2. I have noticed how this site is anti khan
    2.0 biggest budget ever in india total collections is approx 400 well within the budget but its a super hit
    Simba budget 140crore but film is a monster hit?? Please elaborate a monster hit is Bahubali 2 that collections is unheard of in India.
    Simmba a remake for a start. Then illogical from start to end with alot of OTT acting!! But its the greatest thing ever happened to bollywood cuz distributors are laughin all the way to the bank??? Wtf who writes these articles lol

  3. Simmba will earn more than 230 and budget is 120cr...means double
    Zero budget 200cr. Earnings 95cr