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January 1, 2019

Simmba Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning, Good Start Again!

Simmba has taken a good start at box office on Tuesday (5th day) morning shows again! Film is all set to rock on day 5 and film is again expected to collect in excess of 20 crores. 

Simmba opened to around 32-33% occupancy in Morning shows. Samples are from multiplexes only. If samples are compared to Friday then it is same. 

Film is bound to take jump in day time as today is New Year day. Film should register good occupancy all through the day. Even evening and night shows should register good occupancy as family audience will come out to theaters to have a good time.

Occupancy Report of Simmba for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Tuesday -> 32-33%

Monday -> 30-31%

Sunday -> 50-55%

Saturday -> 35-36%

Friday -> 32-33%

Simmba has collected 97 crore nett approx in first 4 days and it should go close to 120 crore mark by the end of day 5. Film will emerge as a HIT in 5 days flat. In fact film is a sure shot Super Hit right now. Question remains whether film can touch 200 crore in India and attain Blockbuster status or not.


  1. Ranveer is giving big numbers like Salman

    Frankly if we look at present scenario, Ranveer is bigger than Srk look at Zero it had also support from Anushka and Katrina as female leads yet the entire lifetime was surpassed in 4 days by Ranveer

    Look at last few movies of Ranveer like Bajirao Mastani Padmavaat and now Simmbaa he easily Zola past 200 like its walk in the park while Srk struggles with 100

    Now coming to non Khans yes today one has to agree Ranveer has bigger pull than Ajay and Akshay

    I see that he is pulling ahead and in 1 more year by 2020 top 3 will be Ranveer Ranbir and Tiger/Varun

    The younger stars should boldly be picking holidays now

  2. I agree and I will even go a step more and boldly declare this is not only doing 200 but will do 215-220

    Word of mouth is super strong on day 1 Srk fans have multiple 1 Star review on IMDb which was such a desperate attempt but as days passed today IMDb stands at 5.8 those 1 Star review 1000 of them are fake else this has 7 on IMDb

    Also IMDb is more for urban India for masses this is 9/10 movie which will drive collections more

    Ranveers rise is hurting one khan the most and that’s Srk because salman Aamir are still giving bumper openings ... now films can still flop as content matters

  3. 120 cr in 5 says...its great.... close to 140 cr in week 1...needs to get as close to 170 cr mark by end of 2nd weekend to have a great chance..

    1. Now it will easily go past Chennai express

  4. This is issue in Bollywood that one showers all the praise on stars Ranveer is great but don’t forget the anchor of ship

    Mass director Rohit shetty

    Both Hirani and Rohit shetty are big names

    Though Aamir gave big grosses Hirani even got same kind of numbers with Ranbir

    Same way Rohit has always been successful and Ranveer need him more than Rohit needs him

    I personally feel Hirani is number one as he has had zero flops than Rohit he failed recently with Dilwale and then Sanjay Leela Bhansali

    We need to give due credits to directors

    Addatoday publish rankings and analysis of top directors too much of emphasis on just male leads

    Ranveer sometimes without top directors has given duds like Befikre

    1. Like u said...director is the anchir of he ship...befikre is more of an Aditya Chopra failure than Ranceer failure

  5. Bhai befiqre aditya chopra ki thi.