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January 5, 2019

Simmba 9th Day (2nd Saturday) Collection Early Trends, Big Jump!

Simmba has reported a big jump on 2nd Saturday (9th day) at box office as early trends for the day is coming in. Thus, film is now heading for an excellent second weekend.

Simmba started the day with occupancy of 26-27%. Film then registered very good growth in noon to record occupancy of 45-50%. Film further picked up from evening onward and as per latest registering an occupancy of 70%.

When 2nd Saturday samples are compared to 2nd Friday, then there is a jump of 45-50%. This is fantastic.

Occupancy Report of Simmba for 2nd Saturday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 26-27% (2nd Fri - 17-18%)

Noon - Mon - 45-50% (2nd Fri - 25%)

Evening-Night - 70% (2nd Fri - 50-55%)

Early trends for the day suggest, film 9th day collection is heading towards 13-13.5 crore nett mark. These are early estimates from limited samples and actual may vary.

Still few shows are left for the day and also major reports from interiors are awaited at these moment. Final count will be higher or lower depending on the above mentioned factors.

With superb jump on 2nd Saturday, Simmba second weekend total is trending towards a fantastic 38-40 crore nett mark.

Kindly Note - > Samples are very limited right now as film is wide release across India. Hence actual may vary.


  1. Tomorrow 16-18cr then a 40cr weekend is done and a total of 190cr.

  2. This is unprecedented!!! This will go all the way to 250 crores imagine this as a proper Xmas release and would have crossed 300

    Today Ranveer is the tallest star after Salman Khan in terms of stardom

    Srk is officially out of top 5 and Aamir barely hangs to his number 3rd position

    1. No. Gully boy will give clear idea about Ranveer's stardom.Simmba is typical Masala entertainer.Varun also looking big after Judwaa 2. But he gave poor 4 crore opening to October when he came out of his comfort zone.lets See how much Opening Ranveer gives to Gully boy.

    2. Pura end ajay devgan per dai diya villian ki pitai ajay ne lagai ghanta ranveer ka stardom ajay k leye pagal hui awam phr xmas se ziada achi date milgayi second week 3300 screen mili hai

    3. please come back after gully boy of ranveer Singh and then we will see how big star he is.

    4. Against who ? Against Ruk Ruk khan ? He has not delivered a significant hit in last 5 years

      Ranveer wuth this movie will gross more than sum total of 4 Srk movies Raees JHMS Fan and Zero

      Gully boy will still do more than JHMS fan and Zero

      I said only Salman is bigger than Ranveer even if gully boy fails it’s not like we will give Srk in top 3

      First let him cross 150 again

  3. This is extraordinary trending for a masala film...Ranveer has hit he right chords with the masses this time...a potential 250 cr from a typical masala movie is simply outstanding...he surely is next only to Salman in stardom in just 8 years in the industry

  4. Salman is not even number 1. All the records be it Worldwide India opening or lifetime belongs to Aamir hence any one with bit of brain can say who is number 1. Ranveer is third after Salman in 2nd spot

    1. Aamir is too dependent on Christmas and Raju Hirani

      Failure of Thugs has hurt his reputation as well

      Raju Hirani could give 350 crores with sinking Ranbir kapoor hence credit for Aamirs movies will go to Raju

      Raju has not failed yet but Aamir has failed without him

    2. People trend to forget ghajini was all time highest grosser and it was for ghajini there was a huge hype for 3 idiots from the day it was announced .3 idiots had the biggest momentum going for it and the momentum is called Aamir Khan. 3 idiots broke records right from the start not from day two or three right from the start. And also never underestimate the record of dangal Sabka baap hey

  5. No way Aamir is bigger than Salman. Aamir admitted himself. Salman is one man army even though i am Aamir fan. Race 3 and other proved it. However i do not like we are use khan against each other. They are unique in their own way hence so many fans of each. Shahid tried to copy Shahrukh khan and he belongs to no where.

    1. Aamir Khan was always a big draw, right from Raja Hindustani to thugs almost all his movies except mangal pandey has over 1cr footfalls and mangal itself has 90lakh footfalls. Nobody has this high rate of continuous footfalls for such a long time in Bollywood except Aamir Khan. He was always a big draw but after lagaan he became the perfectionist and then he started breaking records. Ghajini and 3 idiots didn't just dropped by they came with momentum and force called Aamir khan

  6. I like Ranveer Singh but I find it funny when people say he is the second best crowd puller after Salman. He is being backed up by Sanjay Leela Banshali and Rohit Shetty. Give him urban multiplex type movies and he will struggle to cross even 50 crore.