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January 13, 2019

Preparation for Ranveer Singh and Kabir Khan's 83 started

Ranveer Singh is on a all time high be it professionally and personally. He got married to ever gorgeous and long time beau Deepika Padukone in year 2018. In addition he delivered two of the biggest Hits of year 2018 in Padmaavat and Simmba.

Without a single doubt we can say that he is a star of today and have immense fan following now. Now it is the time to go next level and maintain his achieved stardom.

For that Ranveer needs to do good films with varied content. His upcoming line ups looks pretty good. Gully Boy trailer is well received. Now he is prepping up for 83 movie which is based on 1983 Cricket World Cup. Ranveer Singh all set to play cricketing hero Kapil Dev in the film.

Ranveer Singh updated a post in Instagram informing us that preparation for 83 movie is started.


  1. Ranveer singh is the next big superstar after raj kapoor ,dilip kumar,dev Anand, rajesh khanna,amitabh bachchan, dharme ndra,sunny deol, srk, salman,aamir, akshay, ajay ,hritik

    1. Ranveer is already bigger than Ajay AKSHAY

      He is now little bigger than Srk and Hrithik

      He will become the biggest star of Indian cinema very soon

      Simba was not a masterpiece yet it’s sheer star power that had him collect ever 230 crores

      Put Srk in this and it will not cross 150 crores Akshay it will not cross 130 crores

    2. True bro...cant agree only 10 movies..he has done all varities of roles

  2. Mr unknown... Simba collected 225 crore because of Rohit Shetty not because or ranvir... every body knows that.... don't give comment like a kid

    1. Simba crossed 230 because of Content.

    2. dilwale gave 148 cr becauseof Rohit Shetty...0 because of SRK

      same with Zero....anand rai gave 13 cr with kangana n 88 cr with srk

    3. If that’s the case why did Dilwale flop ? It could have collected 235 as well ? So either Srk is flop or Rohit is flop