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January 25, 2019

Manikarnika vs Thakeray vs URI Screen Count as on 25-01-2019

It is a big three way battle at box office this Friday that is on today. URI is already having a dream run and now there are two big releases in Manikarnika and Thackeray

First thing first. URI - The Surgical Strike as managed to retain good screens for third week running and that almost ensures that film will now go past 175 crore nett at box office. Film is reporting very good advances for tomorrow on occasion of Republic Day holiday and should strike big in the 3rd weekend. Film has retained around 1100-1200 screen and that is more than enough to do well again. We again expect Houseful board on Saturday and Sunday.

Now coming to the big release of the day and one of the most awaited film of the year in Manikarnika. Manikarnika has just managed good screen for first day. Thackeray and URI have affected it's screening the most. If this film had come solo then it would have easily got screening in excess of 3500. But because of clash with other films, it has managed screen around 2800. But again, if audiences emraces the film with open heart, then screening of Manikarnika should increase from 1st Monday itself.

Thackeray got massive release in Maharashtra belt and that is obvious. In rest of India screening of the film is decent. Overall film has managed a screening of around 1800-1900 and a lion's share of screening is from Maharashtra belt.

Screen Count as on 25th January, 2019 -

Manirkanika -> 2800

Thackeray -> 1800-1900

URI -> 1100-1200

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