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January 14, 2019

Has Shah Rukh Khan stepped away from Saare Jahaan Se Achha?

The recent buzz circulating is that Shah Rukh Khan has already geared up for the Rakesh Sharma biopic Saare Jahaan Se Achha, where he will be playing the Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma’s life story.

Also, according to reports, the shooting of the first schedule was supposed to take off in March but was preponed to February.

Now, the latest reports are that Shah Rukh has backed out from the film.

However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding this rumor and we are still waiting for it. However, if King Khan has walked away, it will interesting to see who will be roped in to play the role.

The film is directed by Mahesh Mathai and is backed by Sidharth Roy Kapur. It was first to be played by Aamir Khan but as he was packed with his ‘Mahabharata’ project; he suggested the role to his friend Shah Rukh. 


  1. If he is backing out just because Zero become disaster is not right thing. He should have thought earlier that its not guaranteed that Zero will work at box Office.on box office point of view i have not much expectations from both Salute and Don 3 unless both films will be good and entertaining for both classes and masses.

  2. Still chasing the BO tail!!!

    This is the problem with fading stars. Like in a quicksand they try harder to get out & yet continue to sink further. With flops like Dilwale, Fan, JHMS & mega disaster like Zero, SRK is getting desperate to make BO comeback. To make that Boxoffice comeback, he is throwing money in creating big spectacle movies that nobody wants to watch thereby, sinking himself further.

    SJSA was a good platform for him. It could've been a great movie with low to mid-sized budget carrying a strong nationalistic undertone. For a low budget movie, it might even escape the acute needle eye scrutiny from Reviewers. If well made, it could be like Airlift or Toilet earning 130-135 crores on a decent budget. But obviously, SRK is desperately looking for that 300+ crore grosser to put hum back in the A-list. Afterall, Salman already has 3 of them, Aamir has 2 & heck, even Ranbir & Ranveer have got one each. This desperation is going to lead him to further downfall.

    1. Totally agreed with your analysis. Frankly, this will cause Srk to perish faster than all his peers including Akshay. His big budget bombs below 100s and he causes distributors lose 100s of crores...They will maybe give him one more chance but post that, impossible to even find distributors...imagine no one has made money with Srk films during Fan, Zero, Dilwale and JHMS. that is his sad state today

  3. In my opinion he should do the movie like "Saare Jahaan Se Achha" instead of crap movies like JHMS and ZERO. DON3 will be a good bet for SRK but film must be entertaining, that's it.

  4. I seriously don't understand why some people think that BO is not important.....I think they only look Box Office as a Money Collection, which is completely wrong.....Every Actor, Director, Producer make their movie so that most of the people can watch it and like it.....and not just few bunch of people (critics).....And if more people watch your movie means more Box Office Collection.....Footfall and Collection are connected to each other....if one comes means other automatically come.....
    So think again Box Office is very important because it means People like your movie and love your Performance.......So guys don't give importance to only those movies which are liked by some 10-12 people (critics) and rejected by Audience.....

    Ask any Theater Actor (who do Theater Play) what he like most..........Theater Packed with Audience......or Audience (Critics) in just 1st row while rest all seats are empty......

  5. He is not backing off , the producer and director thrown out this 85 crore star, he is not a crowd puller . Producer wants to earn money from this project which buddha hakla star will not get as simple as that .