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December 27, 2018

Zero Thursday (7th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Zero screens are set to be reduced heavily as Simmba has got all the major shows now from this coming Friday. Hence, ideally film has got only one day left to collect as much as possible. After that only limited screens will be available for the film.

Zero has opened low again with 11% occupancy reported for the morning shows. Drop on Thursday may be less as Wednesday already film registered a big drop. But again, even a small drop will not be any help now. Film fate is sealed. Question remains how much film collects in its theatrical run in India.

Zero is set to collect approx 90-91 crore nett by the end of first week. With decent trending also film should go past 100 crore mark in India. However, as screen are set to be reduced heavily film may not collect much after that.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows - 

Thursday -> 11%

Wednesday -> 12-13%

Tuesday -> 21-22%

Monday -> 15-16%

Sunday -> 32-33%

Saturday -> 29%

Friday -> 35%


  1. Will it cross 2016's Eid ATBB Tubelight?

    Note: Tubelight had megatsar with no production cost and poor script still it collects mammoth 115cr with only 65cr weekend.

    1. abe tu bill se bahar kab aaya, kahan dubek ke baitha tha flop of hindustan ke baad, tingu khan ab sirf china main hi chalta hai, usko china ki citizenship de do

    2. No...sakman weekend king hπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      4400 screen , indo china war , hollywood remake , content based movie , or srk

      Only....65 crore weekendπŸ˜‚

  2. Where are people who were sure that this disaster will make 200 and 300
    Even Thugs of Hindustan collected much more than Zero

    1. Khaans ki to leli is saal public ne
      Wo jamane gae jab khan paad bi dete the to janta sunghne pahuch jate the

      Ab achhi filme banao nai to janta haga degi jaise is saal teeno ko hagaya

  3. Ooo everybody forgot bugs of hindustan khuraand parshaya budget box office india 335cr collections 143 nt with biggest day 50 cr hahahaaaaaaaa lashey bich gai πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ distributors ki

  4. This is the last time SRK is getting a solo release on holidays. Trade isn't going to be excited 1 bit about his future projects. Forget Dhoom 4 or Don 3 ever happening now. Dhoom 4, if it ever happens, will most likely have a young star Varun, Tiger, or Ranveer. Don franchise isn't as exciting as SRK fans want it to believe. Don 2 wasn't even a proper hit. It had to crawl its way to 100 Cr mark.

    Problem with SRK is that he continued to remain in the Raj of DDLJ mode while all his contemporaries have evolved. Aamir from Chocolate boy hero of KSKT/Dil became Mr.Perfectionist of Dangal, 3 Idiots, TZP, Lagaan. Akshay started as an action star became a comedy star & has now evolved as an actor espousing social issues. Ajay started as action hero is now a serious method actor. Heck, even Salman evolved from romantic hero of HAHK, MPK to action star of ETT, TZH, Sultan. He even tried different role in BB. Alas, SRK is unable to break out of that romantic mold which is what everybody is finding stale now. He needs to realize that young women who swooned on his open arms act have all become mothers with teenage kids. Young women of today swoon over glittering face of Robert Pattinson & not over the open arms of a 53 year old man.

    SRK needs to realize that he isn't in the same league as Salman & that was clearly proved in Eid 2016 when at last moment Salman muscled out SRK's Raees for his own Sultan despite SRK announcing the release date of Raees well in advance & all the promotions were in full flow. He now seriously needs to shed the baggage of a superstar & start taking roles which don't center around him, like in Dear Zindagi where he allowed Alia to take centerstage. Aamir did the same in TZP, 3 Idiots, & Dangal. Aamir's story open huge simply because Brand Aamir is associated with quality script, great performances. SRK now needs to start building the same kind of brand. Unfortunately, that is not something to happen overnight.

    1. What image u are talking? SRK also left lover boy image long ago. See it this decade. He made super hero Ra 1. Become gangster in Raees and Don 2.played an obsessive fan. Played psychologist in dear zindagi. Played a dwarf. And most probably he will play astronaut Rakesh sharma. So who tells he isn't experimenting.he is doing but could not getting success.

    2. Bhai Akshay maan gye....supereb comment...

    3. Let's look at SRK's most recent body of work

      JTHJ - Outright Romance
      Chennai Express - Romance/Comedy
      HNY - Dance/Heist (Still had the signature throwing of arms in Manwa Lage)
      Dilwale - ROMANCE with all caps. Infact the USP of the movie advertised was pairing of SRK & Kajol
      Fan - Drama (Agreed, it was a good change)
      Raees - Drama/Action
      ZERO - ROMANCE (Only difference.. Dwarf SRK doing the same thing full size SRK doing until now)

      As you can see, Romance is an outright theme or still, a powerful undercurrent in most of his movies now. Peppering his choice of work with few hatke scripts doesn't break that image. Fact is SRK is still doing more movies on the lines of DDLJ, RNBDJ, Veer-Zara, OSO etc & lot less like Swades, CDI etc

  5. BB written all over as some SRK fans 10 days ago

  6. Admin what about 356 crore 280 crore kam hai bas. Kya soch ke prediction di thi.

  7. Lol. It's very funny how 5'6 lallu fans are trolling aamir despite the fact that lallu is the real tingu in height as well as stardom. Fake lallu tingu was washed out disaster between 1990 to 1995 and Only HAHK was saving grace and others were multistarrers. And from 2000-2010 who can forget his legendary glorious decaade when he was in the same league as bobby, abhishek, fardeen, tushar, harman, aftab, etc. Mind it you tingu fan aamir gave 1 flop after 18 years while lallu gives 1 flop every 2 or 3 years frequently. LOL.