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December 31, 2018

Zero Second Weekend Box Office Collection, Poor!

Zero had an extremely poor second weekend at box office. Film collected just in excess of 3 crore nett in the weekend and now is struggling to touch even 95 crore nett in India. Film is a big flop and will entitle heavy loses.

Zero total collection after 10 days is approx 92.9 crore nett. Film under-performed big time despite having a solo release in Christmas period. Film did face stiff opposition in Simmba from 2nd Friday but again managed to have healthy screens for week 2. However, film will start losing its shows starting from 2nd Monday onward.

Zero will fail to touch 100 crore nett in India. In fact film lifetime business may wrap up in around 95-96 crore mark. Film lifetime distributor share will be around 47-48 crores at most. Distribution rights are sold in excess of 100 crores and film has failed to even recover 50% of it. Absolute shocking!

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 89.75 crore nett

Week 2 - 

Fri - 0.9 crore nett

Sat - 1 crore nett

Sun - 1.25 crore nett

Total -> 92.9 crore nett (approx)


  1. Still some gavars say srk is at no.3. he is not even in top 10 now with fan jhms and zero disasters.

    1. Plus all 3 failed to cross 100 which is not big number

  2. Dude real collection is 87 crores and not 93 crores that you are reporting

  3. The man who would very snobbishly proclaim himself "The King", with half the world's population as it's fan, is now left with his kingdom in tatters. Year's biggest holiday, grand budget of 200+ crores, critically acclaimed director, 2 of the biggest actresses in Bollywood, a propaganda build over 2+ years & the end result.. A substandard movie failing to reach even 100 crores, a number very easily breached by the likes of Rajkumar Rao & Ayushman Khurana. How the mighty has fallen!!

    This is end of the road for "The King". He won't be getting solo release on holidays anymore. Even distributors wouldn't be willing to risk giving him extra screens in any clash now. Chennai Express is probably the last blockbuster from SRK. And if at all there is going to be one then, it definitely won't have SRK in lead.

    1. He has not been king since last 4 years now

  4. He is finished
    He is a very good actor
    However can't select good movies

    1. Konsa good acter ??

      Har movie me same srk dikhta h , vhi andaj rhta h , ....bas height choti bdi kr deta h.

      Srk ko aamir ki tarah mind fresh karke nyi movie bnani chahiye.

    2. Shah Rukh Khan's latest attempt to revive his career with Anand L Rai's 'Zero' has turned out to be a major commercial failure at the box office.

  5. I think Srk is finished come on 100 should have happened irrespective of content

    100 frankly is not a big number these days non holiday movies cross 100 this was the best release date

  6. Zero film extends a miserable run for the star who has failed to impress the audience and critics for a while now. Zero got a weak opening like SRK's last five films, and the numbers have been heading southwards with each release.