December 23, 2018

Zero Second Day (Saturday) Box Office Collection (Updated), shows drop

Zero has gone down a bit on Saturday (2nd day) at box office. Actually film needed a growth on Saturday from Friday. But reverse has happened. 

When a film releases on normal Friday and if it shows drop on Saturday then it is definitely not a good sign. It means film word of mouth is either mixed or negative.

Zero has registered a drop of around 10% on day 2. Film has thus collected an approx 18.2 crore nett on Saturday. This is exactly what we predicted in our early trends yesterday.

Zero two day total now stands at approx 38.35 crore nett. As film has shown drop on Saturday, film might struggle to show big jump on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how film behaves on Monday now. It is all wait and watch scenario.

Collection Breakup

Friday -> 20.15 crore nett

Saturday -> 18.2 crore nett (est)

Total -> 38.35 crore nett (approx)

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  1. it will wrap under 115 crore. flop all the way.

  2. Wrap up 100 crore
    people are not interested in spending 300 Rs to watch B Grade actors like Shahrukh
    Writting is on the wall - flop

  3. Frankly Srk has been giving horrible numbers since many years now. Just remove that holiday be it Diwali, Republic day, Christmas etc and his numbers will be even worse ... for example if Tuesday was not a holiday this film would have done less than 100... even Dilwale was 20 crores more because of holiday

    Now Srk is no longer the same force he was ... next week Simbaa will force zero out of most screens ... when was last major hit of Srk if anyone can tell me

  4. Will struggle to touch even 100 cr mark. Lets accept it is game over for so called king khan. He needs to gracefully move from main lead to character roles to stay relevant.

  5. Will struggle to touch even 100 cr mark. Lets accept it is game over for so called king khan. He needs to gracefully move from main lead to character roles to stay relevant.

  6. Akki one man three movies and all successful.
    Three khans and three movies all failed.
    No offence to amir and salman as they are in better position than all.

  7. I wished you would have been so nice while giving second day figures of Tubelight and TOH.Double standard. It's first time that in Chritmas time film has dropped on second day as most of the schools are closed. Even Bajirao Mastani which opened to 12.5 crore improved on second day few years ago. KGF has also improved big time. Please say its a flop film Sharukh is great actor but this is a story which can eat brain of any one.

  8. When soul concept mixed up with science then public found it logical on 2.0 but they don't understand a worker going to mars not a scientist concept in zero

    1. 2.0 chutiya film hai...ppl went to watch it only coz of vfx. ..( vfx bhi itna much khaas nhi tha)

    2. Lol where did u find login in Zero??? The worst movie till date and I think nothing can be worse than this... Wasted my money... 543210 and stars are falling lol... 15 years in space how did he survive??? From the very 1st minute to last minute it's illogical... And 2.0 is completely logical if u're educated enough... I didn't find 2.0 illogical... Else study about microbots and the 5th force of space... After completing study about those, watch 2.0 again u'll find everything logical... Do u even know that Astrologers needs atleast a B.Tech degree to apply and they need to wear diapers when they go to space... And never one astronaut can travel alone to the space... And how much dry food NASA provided SRK that he was alive for 15 years when the spaceship lost in the space and forget about foods(If I assume he shits and eats that for 15 years) , what about water??? And fuel??? Because it was a lost spaceship so no space stations had any idea about it... And If I assume that SRK was in hypersleep how did he wake up automatically??? SRK just wasted 200 cr.

  9. It is very dangerous to troll a very good movie like zero for the future of bollywood

    1. It is not a good movie actual movie goers are not liking it word of mouth itself is mixed

    2. Bhai sabse jyada negetivity srk or ooske fans ne...TOH k time felayi thi

  10. Top ten list of 2018 will be..

    Sanju - blockbuster
    Baghi - blockbuster
    2.0 hindi - Superhit
    Badhai ho - superhit
    Stree - superhit
    Razi - superhit
    Sktks - superhit
    Padmaavat - hit
    Raid - hit
    Andhadhun- hit

    Note - simbaa is remaining.

  11. Whence the film zero is indicating about NASA science mars from the early talking of baua and afia then what is the wrong with going to nasa

  12. Replies
    1. Accept the fact that srk is finished !!!! Even Akshay Kumar is more successful !!!!

  13. Just rewind a decade back, who would have thought in 2010 Srk will be the first major star to fall

    His kingdom is falling like pack of cards look at his movies this decade which have underperformed

    Ra one
    And now Zero

    His major movies have been loss making in indian market though overseas was grace ... but now post JHMS even overseas is crumbling and he is the only major star not to have any presence in China as well

  14. Zero also has two major actress yet it crumbled... Srk era is over can any one his fans be honest and tell which was last major movie and in which year where distributors made money he has no new release next year and hence this decade will end for him with such a poor result

    1. Bro you miss important point that both the actress have 300cr movies under their name, which even Srk don't have yet.....which shows how big actresses they are....Yet movie fail badly...

    2. yeah as if those 300 cr movies were because of these 2 actresses. LOL

  15. Zero may not be a good film. But what's new in Simmba. But paid critic Taran adarsh will give 4* to that crap south remake.

  16. Kya ho gaya hai yaar srk ko ? He is a good actor.

  17. Zero should hold the collection as it is not bad film

  18. Race 3: 100cr after weekend
    Zero: 55 cr after weekend
    What a diffrence even it was Eid when Race released. Christmas wont held Zero anymore

  19. Will will wrap under 100cr big flop

  20. SRK is no more a star even all other younger actors dare to clash with him. No big opening he is giving. 20 Crore opening is not a big deal anymore. Look at flop films of Aamir Khan or Salman Khan they are more than 100 Crores over weekend and SRK would not touch even 60 Crore. Now Ranveer or Ranbir bigger stars than SRK.

  21. Although i am not a big fan of any khan, but i don't understand why inspite majority of public prasing, the movie collections are going down? The movie is far better than race 3 and thugs at least before interval.. Please give some thoughts on this.. Also, i want to ask the admin that what are his thoughts about tiger jinda hai leaving apart the collections.



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