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December 28, 2018

Zero First Week Box Office Collection, below average total, poor trending

Zero had a below average first week at box office. In fact film got benefit of Christmas holiday weekend, otherwise collection would have been much lower.

Zero received one of the worst trending of the year. Film registered big drop on 1st Monday. Drop on 1st Wednesday sealed the fate of the film.

Zero has collected an approx 89.8 crore nett in the first week. Film should touch 100 crore mark in India as there is still New Year holiday to come. However, film screening is reduced heavily in second week because of big Simmba release. Hence, film may fail to touch 125 crore nett in its theatrical run in India.

2nd Friday (8th day) business will throw some light on where film is heading in its lifetime business in India.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday -> 20.15 crore nett

Saturday -> 18.2 crore nett

Sunday -> 20.7 crore nett.

Monday -> 9.5 crore nett.

Tuesday -> 12.75 crore nett.

Wednesday -> 4.75 crore nett.

Thursday -> 3.75 crore nett (est).

Total -> 89.8 crore nett (approx)


  1. 90 cr in 1 week including Xmas holidays is disastrous and not below average...

  2. film may touch to fail 125 cr?
    It is totally out of equation now
    3.75 cr on Tuesday with 4000+ screens
    what can you expect now when only 1200 screens left
    tough to make even 110 cr
    100 cr will be managed only bcs of 31st & new year

  3. Simbaa will finish the film off and go for final call. I think Ranveer should have gone for clash like he did earlier. Yes maybe Zero would have still opened better but from Saturday Ranveer would have won the clash and established himself as winner one more time like during Bajirao days when post evening shows on day one they defeated Dilwale and never looked back

    Srk doesn’t deserve a solo release and when his Stardom has almost ended one will expect younger stars to be little more ambitious and go for final kill

    Out of all superstars Srk was most pretentious and arrogant and hence you see so much negativity around him. In his good days he will be so arrogant that no wants to stick with him during his bad days. It is truth today that a bad salman film can earn more than a good Srk film

    Look at Fan Raees JHMS Dilwale Zero Dear Zindagi no film of his is crossing 130 crores forget 150 crores

    Many are struggling to go past 100 crores

    They used to make fun of Akshay for not crossing Rowdy Rathore for many years but frankly after Chennai express Srk never gave a universal hit. In fact in last 5 years his films fail to cross 100 and even the ones that cross 100 is because of that holiday extra bump

    Today 100 crores are being crossed by everyone hence if that’s the barometer for Srk than he is out of top 5

    His fans should only talk once Srk starts crossing 150 again at this point he is too far from 200 crores which is shame when his peers are thinking about 400 ! Heck even regional movies being dubbed in Hindi touch 200 crores but this man finds 100 to celebrate

  4. Why you still have no guts to say zero is a complete disaster movie... cauz its a movie of srk... you easily say to akshay sir movie... completely bias site

  5. Hahahaha. Kahan gye haklu k fan. Sale ghanta khan. KGF ne dhoo dala.

  6. Don't know why Media is still defending this Biggest Disaster of All Time.....Such bad performance with all these Holidays, High Ticket Price, Biggest Release, media should declare it Disaster long back.......But as we all know that Srk is media made star, so they are trying their best to defend him.......

    Just thinking that media bash Salman's Race3 so bad which was made on 50cr less budget than Zero and collect approx 70cr (173cr lifetime) more than it.....But media still support Zero, just imagine if Zero collects same as Race3, than i am sure media will go mad and go Gaga over Srk and they declare Zero as a Big Hit.......LOL

    Media and their hatred for Salman and Love for Srk can never change........That's why we call Srk a media made star......But actually I must to say one thing here, that Srk has one thing which none of other Bollywood Actor has.....which I think is the Best and always work perfectly for Srk........and that is his PR Team.....No matter how Bad and 3rd class and Pathetic he perform and his movie perform but you never listen from media or from any critic that Srk perform bad.....they always praise him.......but that's another thing that Real Public (Theater Going Audience) won't like his acting at all (except his fans who are biggest fan base but only in Social Media, and even they are not interested to watch his movie in theater.....and this you can see from Footfall of his movie)........Guys you won't believe this but Zero Srk's Back to Back 2nd movie when Audience leave the Theater even before movie end (another is JHMS).......Which means Srk's so called Brilliant Acting also cannot hold them.....Atleast it never happen before with any other Actor (Salman, Aamir, Akki and Ajay).......So I have to give the credit for this is to his PR Team, which are doing brilliant job......

    1. Which support and defence u are talking? Everyone is telling Zero is big disappointment and outright flop. Who is telling Zero is doing well.famous critic Taran gave it 1 *. Everyone is calling SRK almost finished. So your statement is totally wrong. And Yes Salman is most loved star today. Reality is SRK is suffering trolls and negativity since 2015 when he talk about intolerance.Still many section of audience staying away from his films. This is visible in his box office performance.whenever his films come 'boycott anti national campaign starts.every one is against SRK nowadays. So u are telling totally nonsensical.

  7. Your commentary is downright biased as any sane person could see; with Kedarnath and TOH, you were highly negative from the day one & here despite such a disastrous results, you are still 'trying' to save an already 'sunk' ship which is disappointing as earlier you used to call a spade a spade no matter how big the movie or production house was, but this 'fawning' is unbecoming of you!! A movie with a budget more than 200 Crores is struggling to get to 100 and you are saying it's below average which is more than bizarre as you must be aware of but not acknowledging for reasond best known to you. Don't lose your credibility as once lost would be next to improbable to get it back!! I am your well-wisher as you have striven to reach where you are without compromising on the ethics aspect but of late you seem to to have deviated from your 'usual' path!

  8. Actual figure by boi

    Friday - 19,35,00,000 apprx

    Saturday - 17,00,00,000 apprx

    Sunday - 18,25,00,000 apprx

    Monday - 9,50,00,000 apprx

    Tuesday - 11,75,00,000 apprx

    Wednesday - 4,50,00,000 apprx

    Thursday - 3,75,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL - 84,10,00,000 apprx

  9. Don’t believe the collections which seem to have been made using an average from different BO sites .. real number for week 1 is 84 crores!!

  10. Ye first week 84 kiya jisse jada baki 2 Khan weekend me karte hain. Kaha ka star hain bhai SRK.

  11. In the end, Aamir & Salman smashes past 100 crores before people could even realise that they were in bad movies. On the other hand, SRK is huffing & puffing & needing some arithmetic manipulation to even think that his Zero can touch 100 crore Mark. Agree with most posters here that SRK is finished as a star. Even Akshay Kumar, who release 3/4 movies a year on regulated 25/30 crores budget, doesn’t struggle this badly with any of his movies. They all smoothly sail into 100 crores club. Tells you how much of SRK’s stardom is left. It won’t be long before SRK joins another Khan, Saif Ali Khan, to star in Netflix series.

  12. Race 3 is not a flop movie .race 3 is a average movie .race 3 nett collection is 173 crore and budget 145 crore .

  13. Pehle hi bola tha 120 cr but now its not going to paas 100cr because of simbba

  14. Yes race 3 is an average movie just like how jai ho is an oscar winning movie.