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December 29, 2018

Zero 2nd Friday (8th Day) Box Office Collection, Monumental Fall!

Zero had a monumental fall at box office on 2nd Friday (8th day). Thus, chances of touching 100 crore mark in India is very slim now. This is absolute shocking!

A Shah Rukh Khan starrer film is struggling to touch 100 crore mark in India and that also in Christmas New Year time. Need to do some serious re-thinking now. 

Sad part is Zero has retained good enough screening for week 2. But occupancy level on 2nd Friday is less than 10% for the whole day. This is very poor. 

Yes, film will see growth through the extended new year weekend. But again it is of no use. Film will cross 95 crore nett mark but may miss the 100 crore mark by few crores or so. Film will entitle heavy loses to all associated with the project. It is an outright flop!

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 89.75 crore nett

Week 2 - 

Fri - 0.9 crore nett (est)

Total -> 90.65 crore nett (approx)


  1. Replies
    1. Padman hit thi bro because budget sirf 22 se25 crore tha zero ka toh 200 crore + hai

    2. Padman at half the screens, no festivities, competition from other movies, 30 cr budget and a subject that's a sort of taboo for society, collected 80 cr and claimed hit status. How can u compare that with an outright disaster.

  2. 2nd friday
    zero - 1100-1200 screen
    kgf (hindi) - 500-550 screen
    zero - 0.90 cr.
    kgf (hindi) - 1.25 cr.
    yash is big star than srk

  3. Now even 100 c is a dream
    Biggest disaster of the year

  4. Flop star.. It's time to retire now

  5. Haha this is third film of Srk not to touch 100 crores Fan JHmS and now Zero in last 3 years

    People expect 200 from him without holiday of republic day even Raees would have struggled to hit 100

    Ayushman crossed 100

    Female lead movies like Stree Raazi crossed 100

    Ranveer and Ranbir boy crossed 300

    Tiger crossed 150

    Yet our king khan has failed to cross 100 in last 3 years and has not crossed 150 in last 5 years

    Now who is a super star ?

  6. So the fall is so huge that even producers felt that no amount of manipulation can push the movie in 100 Cr bracket.

    What a shame!! A superstar with supposedly 3.5 billion fans (half the world's population) isn't even able to get his 200 Crore magnum opus into 100 Crore club.

    This is a sort of poetic justice after what SRK did to his contemporaries throughout his career. Stepped on several heads to rise. So now when the fall came, there are none left to feel sympathy for him.

    1. So correctly describes Srk ! He was extremely arrogant and sly and used to write off other actors ... smug stars like Srk whose ego are fragile will die first ... let me write again Srk will be finished before not just salman and Aamir but Akshay his kingdom is falling like pack of cards none of his movies after Happy new year made money for distributors or exhibitors and that was a 4 year old release.., now he is struggling to cross 100 back to back with Fan JHMs and Zero

  7. If budget 200cr approx.
    Theatrical lifetime collection 100cr estimate.
    = 100cr theatrical loss
    = Disaster, unfortunately

    1. Satellite rights 130cr, distribution rights 100cr, music rights 30cr, movie earned more tha 260cr before its release..

    2. Movie is distributed at 130 crores how are they going to recover money

      You are just looking at this from point of view of producers to save Srks face

  8. Ye Bobby Sindhu kaha ghus gaya bhai. Ye movie to 100 Crore bhi nehi kar paya.

  9. Bhai 100crore ka promotion hua zero me....