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December 28, 2018

Simmba vs Zero vs KGF (Hindi) Screen Count as on 28-12-2018

Simmba is the big release of this week. Most importantly it is the last release of the year also. And there is a big chance that Simmba might end the year in some style. Film buzz is good and we are expecting fireworks at box office.

As for screen count. Simmba is all set to release in wide 3900 screen approx. This is by far the biggest release of Ranveer Singh career. Yes, even bigger than Padmaavat. So, then what happens to Zero.

Zero screening is heavily reduced for the second week. Zero has retained around 1100-1200 screens for 2nd week. Means around 70-75% screens are taken away by Simmba. Film still have good enough screens to collect big. Will it? That is a different question to be answered.

KGF Hindi version has also managed to retain few good screen for the second week. This is mainly due to good performance of the film in the first week. KGF Hindi has retained around 500-550 screens for the second week. 

Screen Count as on 28-12-2018 -

Simmba -> 3900 approx

Zero -> 1100-1200 approx

KGF (Hindi) -> 500-550 approx


  1. Simbha ko 3500 zero ko 1000 or KGF ko bhi kam se kam 1000 screen milne chahiye the. KGF ne abhi start pakda tha ye movie purani filmo k jaisey kai month tak chalne wali movie h.

  2. Simmba will easily do 20+ crores first day,lifetime it can do around 175 crores

  3. Boony Sidhu ko bulao...jokernkahaan hai...3900 screens and reviews are outstanding with everyone applauding Ranveer's performance. ..150 cr is a cakewalk now

  4. 75% screen reduction means that the weekend collection at best will be around 5.5 crores. Once offices reopen after 1st Jan & ticket prices are reduced back to normal then there is hardly anything Zero will collect. Zero’s Journey to 100 crores is going to be terribly frustrating for SRK fans. Even TOH & Race 3 were terrible movies but, they smashed past 100 crores even before anyone could realise that they are bad movies.

  5. Actually KGF should have got 1000-1200 screen and Zero 500 screen....Don't know Theater owners think......In any day KGF is far better than Zero and it will collect more than zero.....

  6. KGF is 1 of the best Art Work with Directed movie.. it's very disappointing to see a good movie has no place in northern India just because of South oriented.. we are talking about 1 India is this???