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December 19, 2018

PadMan going down rapidly in China, Not good sign!

PadMan has shown significant drop in business in China on Monday and Tuesday. Thus, film is going down rapidly in China. Looks like it will emerge as another flop as like most of the Indian films in China.

PadMan has collected an approx $ 0.78 million on 1st Monday. Drop from 1st Friday is 45-50% which is big. Film added an approx $ 0.63 million on 1st Tuesday. Drop from 1st Monday is approx 20% which is again big. 

Even a film with mixed report in China generally trends well atleast in weekdays. But in case of PadMan film is in a free fall mode in weekdays also. This is not a good sign! Means, there is not much steam left. Don't be surprised if film fails to touch $ 10 million in China even after a decent first weekend. 

Collection Breakup - 

Preview -> $ 0.06 million

Friday -> $ 1.48 million

Saturday -> $ 2.05 million

Sunday -> $ 1.66 million

Monday -> $ 0.78 million

Tuesday -> $ 0.63 million

Total -> $ 6.65 million

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  1. In china that concept of "desh ki mitti Kajaria cement with Canadian passport donot works. Its a shame that an actor uses nationalism in films and commercials but holds Canadian citizenship.