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December 14, 2018

PadMan China First Day Box Office Collection

PadMan had a decent start at box office China on opening day. Film has collected an approx $1.63 million on day one (Friday). Film got released in 45k showings which is a wide release.

PadMan is the 2nd Akshay Kumar release after Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. Toilet got bigger start in China but fizzled out after the opening weekend. Hope that PadMan shows better trending than Toilet.

Only few films have managed to make good inroad in China market so far. Most of the Indian films have bombed at box office.

As for PadMan it will need a big growth on Saturday and Sunday to put up a respectable first weekend. If film fails to show any major growth then it will be big struggle ahead. One good thing about China box office is that film trends better and for weeks when word of mouth is positive. 


  1. Anyways theres TOH releasing next friday in China so no scope of collecting much, as films like Padman depend more on trending than first weekend collections

  2. Today reports are fantastic. . .

  3. Aamir is a big superstar in China, so TOH will do good business. Makers have edited the content also to make it suitable for international audience.

  4. I really hope that it grow, b/c we need more movies to work in China.....This way our revenue increase which means we can make more Big Budget movie in India......YRF complete waste the good opportunity with Sultan, by not working properly with the release date.....MI complete eat business of Sultan, if it release in other date with less competition like Padman, then it would have done much better....I am saying this b/c Sultan won Best Movie Award in Shanghai Film Festival, and Jackie Chain himself give the award......Bad release date cause the failure of Sultan......I hope Padman and other upcoming releases got good collection in China.......

  5. India mai 300 cr kar cuki hai china mai 600 cr pakka hai