December 2, 2018

2.0 set Box Office on Fire on Sunday (4th day), Creates Havoc

2.0 (Hindi) version has set the box office on fire on Sunday (4th day). Film is registering Houseful boards from the early morning shows itself. 

Looks like positive word of mouth have made a big impact finally. Family audiences are liking the film and coming out in big numbers to watch it.

2.0 has opened to around 75-80% occupancy in Morning shows. This is massive start. Film has gone through the roof in Noon shows and has reported an occupancy of 90%. This is staggering. 

Occupancy Report of 2.0 for Sunday (Samples only) - 

Morning -> 75-80% (Sat - 50%)

Noon -> 90% (Sat - 60%)

Evening - Night -> N/A (Sat - 75%)

Film should record huge occupancy for Afternoon and Evening shows also. But as tomorrow is Monday, we may see some drop in occupancy in Night shows. This has been the trend for films in general.

The way film is trending at the moment it is almost certain that film will touch 30 crore nett for the day or go beyond. As this moment, film is trending towards 32-33 crore nett mark. 

It is still early days. Afternoon, Evening and Night shows will determine whether film will go higher or lower. We just hope that film holds excellent in Night shows also so that it can even challenge a huge 35 crore nett for the day. 

We will try to give a proper early trend by the end of the day. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. People are liking the 3d version more. 3d theatres are limited. So we can expect long run for 2.o..

    1. Other films with such opening would get estinesti of 40cr but ghis only 33cr despite 4000 screens and 3D high ticket rates

  2. Sanju opened with same occupancy in 3400 screens and did 46cr(albeit the ticket prices were high),and the estimates for 2.0 which came in 4000 screens and 3D to level the ticket prices,it is still only 32-33cr ? Come on now

  3. All india collections are only behind bb2. No comparison with other movies.

  4. With this huge occupancy how can it be just 32-33 crores???? Your prediction Doesn’t make any sense.. Rather if you apply logic .. should be talking 36-38 crores range with a chance to even touch 40 crores.

  5. Yes dear I saw the movie twice 2d & 3d both. So I think 3d audience will watch movie more then 2d audience

  6. From 2mrow real test will start...
    Today it need at least 35cr to be called boxoffice on fire....admin creating over hype to saying boxoffice on fire I will accept if it collect more than 35cr in hindi today or at least 35cr m big fan of Rajnikant the superstar
    only down grade this film Akshay fan they predicting it will collect like BB2
    in our bangalore film doing very well m from bangalore.
    Film is good but in hindi market it will crash on Monday. South it will run 25week...

    1. Kyon chutiye tu baba hai kya ki predicting that it will crash on Monday. If it didn't which I am sure it won't then it will be a tight slap on your face.

  7. Other films with such opening would get estinesti of 40cr but ghis only 33cr despite 4000 screens and 3D high ticket rates

  8. 3d shows are housefull but 2d is lagging but 30+ crore possible today. monday will be 12 to 13 crore. movie will be super hit to block buster

  9. Today 40 crore hindi
    Tamil and Telugu 50 crore
    W.w 30

  10. After taking a terrific start by raking 64 crores* nett on opening day, the movie further added another 48 crores* nett on day 2. The collections jumped on the third day and garnered 55 crores* nett, thus posting a huge total of 167 crores* nett in three days.With such kind figures coming in, the movie has surpassed the highest 3-day collections of Khans.-koimoi

  11. Mind your language what's ur problem I can say anything it's my view why u going personal. Tujh Ko kya problem hai mai kuch bhi bolunga tu mujhe kyun reply dera tameez me raho Tum kya yehi sab sikhta hai tu.
    Mujhe b gali deni ati hai par mai Tujh jaisa nahi hun.
    @Admin please delete such bad comment please block these type of users.
    It's my view what's your problem I can predict anything.
    Actor ka fan bano nake unke gulam blind actor fan.. Akshay kya dega tujhe agar hit hue to just enjoy ur life don't take much tension... Cool

    1. @hum sab
      Hum sav thik hai but tu hutiya hai apna ilaaz karwa jaake mental hospital,it's not ur view ,Tere comment se saaf dikh raha the Kitna jal raha akki aur rajni ka stardom dekh ke ,so better u mind ur language first otherwise I will make u to behave properly and comment wisely
      Bloody loser

    2. I am not getting tensed and I don't get anything from Akshay. But what you are getting from spreading negativity about this movie. Why do you not practice what you preach.

  12. Why many guys spreading negativity of the film almost top critics said this is at best vfx works and we should praise this work so industry can ake these type of big budget films more and we enjoy cinema please don't do false negativity


  14. Now 2.0 need at least 15 crores on Monday to be super hit and I hope that film will do it easily

  15. if india has more 3d cinema halls so 2.0 definatly did more bussiness than it is doing now. 2.0 is lagging bcoz of 2d, otherwise we could have seen much bigger collections





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