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December 14, 2018

2.0 Hindi Second Week Box Office Collection, Its Good!

2.0 Hindi version has done well in the second week at box office. Film has collected an approx 38 crore nett in week two. 

After the end of second weekend it was looking as if film may collect 39-40 crore nett for the week. But film showed normal trending from 2nd Monday to 3rd Thursday and hence, added bit less than the expected.

2.0 Hindi total currently stands at approx 177.75 crore nett. Film is all set to cross 180 crore nett inside third weekend. Film is in fact on track to cross 190 crore nett mark. All depends on how film lands on 3rd Friday. 

As for 200 crore mark it is looking bit tough now and will depend on the growth seen in 3rd weekend and also how film stands against the like of Zero next Friday. Film Hindi version is a Clean Hit and should emerge as a Super Hit in the final run in India.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 (8 Days) -> 139.75 crore nett.

2nd Friday -> 5.85 crore nett.

2nd Saturday -> 9.15 crore nett.

2nd Sunday -> 12 crore nett.

2nd Monday -> 3.75 crore nett.

2nd Tuesday -> 2.95 crore nett.

2nd Wednesday -> 2.4 crore nett.

2nd Thursday -> 1.9 crore nett.

Total -> 177.75 crore nett (approx).

Verdict - HIT. Trending towards Super HIT!


  1. Hindi version is a Hit.
    But All-India box-office collection unable to reach the figure for total cost of movie of 550cr approx.
    So All-India theatrical Flop?

  2. Such a Big Movie (Budget wise as well as Hype wise as it was compared with Bahubaali 2 before release) and 2nd week collection is only 38cr, how can you call it good collection.......Also drop from 1st week is huge....This definitely not a good trend, but don't know why media try to defend this movie, by giving excuse of Dubbed movie.......Why they forget that here we have Akki to cover that minus point, but still collection is low.......

    1st week 139cr
    2nd week 38cr (I think its a huge drop considering all factors)

    1. 3RD week 13 crore and 4 week 2 crore and 5 week 20 lakh Bye..Bye... Flopp movie Will lose at least 100 crore both tamil and hindi

  3. Kitna bhi samjhado...
    ...makkhians nhi manenge.....

  4. Hindi rights 80cr ha isliye super hit 195cr lifetime karegi isliye super hit ho gai

  5. This film is already the flop, but the yellow journalists Scream 2.0 is hit? I tell these yellow reporters why Salman Khan Tubelight counted as a flop? Tv rights, music rights, etc... Tubelight served to over 130 crore only sell rights, as was the flop, I say the flop because the movie made by 130-135 crore but ticket revenues were 135 crore therefore considered as flop, also SRK fan served only 80 crore but tv rights, foreign ticket Revenue fan movie earned 160 crore, I'll say FAN was blockbuster?????? WAKE UP 2.0 IS SUPER FLOP, BECUSE MADE BY HUGE BUDJET ALl MOST 550 CRORE.

  6. Ankur sir plz post about Padman china release

  7. Totally agree . media r supporting this thrash why??

  8. We must accept it was not up to the mark...that's why it couldn't break bahubali's collection..huge disappointment! Flop all india