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December 11, 2018

2.0 Hindi 2nd Tuesday (13th Day) Collection Trends, Steady

2.0 Hindi version is very much steady at box office on 2nd Tuesday (13th day). From the samples received it is seen that film has reported a minimal drop of around 10-12% from 2nd Monday. This is good sign for rest of the weekdays.

2.0 occupancy report is seen below for 2nd Tuesday. 2nd Monday occupancy report is shown in the bracket. This occupancy report is from limited samples received till 7:30 pm. 

Occupancy Report for 2nd Tuesday (Samples only) -

Morning -> 12% (2nd Mon 13%)

Noon -> 17% (2nd Mon 18%)

Evening-Night -> 23% (2nd Mon 27%)

Early trends from the sample suggest, 2.0 Hindi 13th day collection is heading towards 3.25 crore nett mark. Final numbers will be bit higher or lower depending on how film trends in rest of the remaining shows for the day and also on interior reports which are awaited for the day.

Kindly Note - > Samples are very limited right now as film is wide release across India. Hence actual may vary.


  1. The way it is going, it will easily cross 200. I am highly impressed by these holds.

  2. No worry for collections but it has maintain a place in our hearts who watched it except akki and rajni haters.

  3. Life time business india will be 430-450 crore, so will be super flopp movie, becuse big budjet for this movie allmost 545 crore rupi.

    1. Before commenting lamely, ask yourself or check the data, how many Indian movies has collected 430-450 Crores net business from India????

      Ankur bhai, keep some IQ level criteria for certain individuals on this site :)

    2. If I ask you the same question, what movie in India has used almost 550 crore to make just a movie outside of 2.0? Only Bahaali 2 had earned over 500 crore just the only Hindi version? no movie is not counted here or superhit if they earn 200 or 500 crore, calculate the amount of money that has been spent making the movie, if anybody has enough IQ in the brain, do not have to ask.( chena khaura ask allways)

  4. 200cr looking far..as Aquaman about to snatch business of all movies..I'm sad!

  5. Actually we sud appreciate the risk they have taken by investing so much of amount to achieve the level of Hollywood and that is too on non holiday period.

  6. Budget is not 550 करोड़. All this are funda of creating hype.lt is new promotion techniques. lt is for getting tax benefit by showing less profit