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December 8, 2018

2.0 Hindi 2nd Saturday (10th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows, Better Start!

2.0 Hindi version is expected to see very good growth on 2nd Saturday (10th day). As early samples are coming in, film has taken much better start than on 2nd Friday. This means, film is on track to show much bigger jump today.

2.0 opened to around 28-30% occupancy in Morning shows today. In comparison 2nd Friday opening is just around 14%. This means a 100% growth in the Morning shows. Samples are from multiplexes only.

Occupancy Report of 2.0 for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Week 1 - 

Thursday -> 40%

Friday -> 28%

Saturday -> 50%

Sunday -> 75-80%

Monday -> 30%

Tuesday -> 25%

Wednesday -> 23%

2nd Thursday -> 20%

Week 2 (Reduced Screens) - 

2nd Friday -> 14%

2nd Saturday -> 28-30%

Start of the film is good today. Question now is whether film can challenge for double digit finish or not. We will have a better picture by the near end of the day. A 40-50% growth can be touted as good for a film on 2nd Saturday. In case of 2.0 it can be even more considering that family audiences are loving it.

Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. 12cr and 18cr on Sunday 175cr after 2nd weekend and then chennai express will be crossed of world biggest star so called crossed 不不不不不不不不

  2. Now it is on for a total above 165 crores after second weekend and now second week looks to target at least 174-175 crores. For a film dubbed in Hindi this is a great sum. Also it got limited release in South due to availability in all formats which cost it 15 crores if it would have been normal release it would easily be above 190 crores after 2 weeks.

    This is a great outcome for Akshay Kumar and silences everyone....Big budget movies can easily put him above 200 crores