November 17, 2018

Watch how Akshay Kumar turns ‘evil’ in his ‘2.0’ look!

Akshay Kumar and the 2.0 team continue to tease us as it nears towards the release on 29th November, 2018. Akshay plays the ‘evil’ against Chitti: the Robot, played by Rajinikanth in the film. 

The actor has recently shared the inside peek of his villain formation process for the movie via instagram. You’ll love it!

In another one his posters shared via instagram, he writes:

 There is no stopping the Fifth Force, watch out humans! #2Point0 on 29th November in cinemas.
@2point0movie @dharmamovies @lyca_productions #2Point0FromNov29

Here’s another recent poster shared by Amy Jackson via instagram, who will also star alongside Akshay and Rajinikanth in the movie.  And she writes:

THE WAR BEGINS 2.0 💣 || 29.11.18 ||

A post shared by Amy Jackson (@iamamyjackson) on

2.0 is directed by S.Shankar, produced by Subaskaran and the music scored by the international music maestro A. R. Rahman. 

We are all waiting eagerly for this movie and hoping it will make huge records in the Box Office! 

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  1. Who thinks that akki and srk both will enter 300cr club this year?

    Like for Yes

    Dislike for No

    1. Ya it's a golden opportunity for both of us
      Being Bhai and amir fan I myself is also waiting to join these superstar in this club
      Best wishes to both of u
      My fdfs confirm for2.0 and 0
      All also req other to watch

  2. Being myaelm fan of sallu Bhai and amir Khan,I wish for 2.0 a great success ahead
    But there r some sallu Bhai fans who r saying being it Akshay Kumar movie we will not watch,for them I want to say that both were best friend and will also remain,there might me some some misunderstanding btw the two but we sud support such movies
    As our Bhai taught us such moral values
    For me fdfs confirm

    1. are you joking, lallu khan and moral values are poles apart, he is a serial offender, be it hit and run case, black buck poaching, derogatory comments about women. What moral values are you talking about, first he should learn how not to be inhumane then promote his brand being human, hypocracy at its peak

    2. Puneet Bhai
      Every person has good and bad values
      But I follow only good values of every actors
      So it doesn't affect me what evil works they do


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