November 14, 2018

Thugs of Hindostan Wednesday (7th day) Collection Update for Morning, in Doldrums

It is really sad and disheartening to say the box office occupancy update of Thugs of Hindostan movie. Still, film is inside first week and shows are getting cancelled or reduced because of no to low occupancy.

TOH was made in around Rs 250 crores. It is the costliest Bollywood film ever. Film was touted as the answer of Bollywood to Baahubali. Film was supposed to challenge Dangal for highest grosser of all time. Forget that it is even struggling to touch 150 crores.

Don't remember when last time we have seen such a failure. It is massive heart attack for both distributors and exhibitors.

Now coming to occupancy report for Wednesday. Honestly film is in doldrums. As early samples are coming in film is reporting a extremely low occupancy of 9-10% in the Morning shows. News is really depressive.

Occupancy Report of Thugs of Hindostan for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Thursday -> 59% 

Friday -> 35%

Saturday -> 32%

Sunday -> 28%

Monday -> 14% (Reduced Showings & Ticket Prices)

Tuesday -> 11-12% (Reduced Showings & Ticket Prices)

Wednesday -> 9-10% (Reduced Showings & Ticket Prices) 

Thugs of Hindostan has collected 134 crore nett approx in first six days. Film extended first week total is heading towards 141 crore nett mark. 

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  1. What's the collection if it is not holiday and ticket price not hiked. Aamir is holiday king only.

    1. honestly its not as bad a film as its made out to be....compared to other bad films, its in the same category.....its not as if we've not seen a worse film ever!

      Think its because of the expectations people have from Aamir that when he delivers a poor film such as this, the wom becomes even poorer because of the brand he has become over these last 10 years
      or so...

      Secondly, just get the feeling that ticket prices being increased became big news and when the film didn't match up, public came down very harshly......ticket prices being increased for Sanju and Race 3 weren't as big news as was the case with TOH!

    2. Welcome here Lisa
      I think u recognized me
      We r same old friend of arena

    3. Why for race 3 and sanju. Just beat records on normal ticket price. In tamil nadu 150 is max price for ticket and if someone charge more than that theatre licence cancelled. They are still earning 200 300 crores and they have 1/4 th of screen than bollywood.

    4. @Lisa Better You Keep Quiet..
      Because SalmanSir Always Used To Sale A Ticket At Normal Level Coz He Wants To Entertain All Category Of People..But Amir Always Used To Hike Price Just Because Their Business..
      Yes It's Heartbreaker For Me Too..But It's Simply The KARMA Of Some Idiotic Nonsense Those Always Trolls SalmanSir Unnecessarily..
      YRF Has Only One 100% Successful Collaboration That Is With SalmanSir..They Need SalmanSir Badly, Every Production House Is Dying To Collaborate With The MidusTouch..But He Don't Need Any Big Name With Him Because He Is Brand In Himself..The Biggest Brand...

    5. I agree....its ok to charge high for recliners and exclusive theatres......single screens and most multiplexes must be capped!

      @Roric - :)

    6. @big evil
      Shut up ur mouth and don't say anything to Lisa otherwise I will become Sunil khurana and will troll Salman badly
      Me and Lisa r best friend so don't try to say anything

    7. @Big Evil : When Race 3 released, it had the highest ATP (Average Ticket Price) at that time!

  2. After ETT, SULTAN and TZH....yrf jitna income kiya tingu sab duba diya...

    1. Hahaha true ๐Ÿ˜

      Both producers and distributors ki lashein bicha diya tingu ne ๐Ÿ˜

      First day 52 cr๐Ÿ˜Ž
      Fifth day 5cr ๐Ÿ˜
      Tingu gigastar๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Looks like the end of Amair Khan Era.

  4. kisne bola budget 250 cr hai! It's almost 300 crore.

  5. Guys..its cool...even talaash failed after 3 idiots n ghajini..when u take risks like or the other movie is bound to fail

    1. Kisne bola TOH risky project hai.

      TOH Action, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Fatia Shekh, Aamir, big scale (300 cr budget without aamir fee), big banner (yrf), dhoom3 fame director (victor), masala, romance, item songs, Highest ATP + 3D +4D+ GST, 5000 screens + Diwali release.

    2. Taalash has small budget and its not a flop, its an average grosser. You cant compare loss of 50 crore movie to a 300 crore movie.

  6. Its about the content without content everyone will fail misraeably..This time as the budget,star cast,production house and widest and solo release on a festive season like diwali the failure is gigantic and really disturbing for the distributors.This film will be an example of epic decorated disaster in the history of bollywood.

  7. Nobody is bigger than story/content. This is the only myth,,all(star power/stardom etc) are temporary

  8. Sunil sunil Sunil sunil Sunil sunil Sunil sunil ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Real collections is 128 crores and first week will close at 134 crores.. lifetime below 150 crores

  10. Khuraja was cimparing tubelight with TOH . Tubelight is above average movie due to low budget .. TOH is a disaster ( super flop) due to 300 crore budget . Aamir had 2 actress and one Big B , still failed big time . The career of the director of this movie is over . Dont forget . The director wrote the script also

  11. Director of TOH takes 2 years to make this film dont know where he spend two years because this movie doesnt show time invested in it. Hrithik Roshan has rejected this script he already knew what goings to happen

  12. bollywood director thing indian people are fool .
    Bhai historical point of u se kitni wrong movie h.



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