November 7, 2018

2.0 movie Special Effects (VFX) postmortem in detail

2.0 is much in news for the hefty budget it is carrying. Film landing cost (including P&A) is around Rs 600 crores. This news is confirmed by superstar Rajinikanth in the trailer launch event. Thus, 2.0 is officially the costliest film made in India.

A major part of that huge cost is spent on the VFX part of the film. An amount ranging in anything above Rs 400 crore is expected to be spent only on the special effects and 3D shots.

Yes, 2.0 is also shot in 3D cameras. It is not just a 2D converted into 3D which is happening in the latest Indian releases. Hence, a good amount is also spent on the 3D shots.

Now coming to the after results of such huge amount spent. Has the makers able to justify that?

Yes, 2.0 trailer is out and it is making wave in internet. Again, one important point is to be noted that film trailer is best viewed in 3D big screens (in full HD) to get into the details of special effect. However from the analytics that collected from Youtube and other internet sources, around 70-75%+ audiences have watched the trailer in their smartphones. So, how one can gauge the detailing part in a small screen of 5-6 inch.

We are lucky to watch the trailer multiple times in our mini projector theater with full HD facility with Dolby surround sound. And we are simply awestruck by the results be with the images or the sound effect. 

We are hear to discuss about few scenes which are shown in the trailer that will create havoc in the theaters when film is released. After watching those scenes, one simply can't say that film is from India. Those scenes looks like world standard. Hence, we ask viewers to have a look at the trailer in some big screen. You can easily see the difference. A smartphone is not a preferred medium for special effects or 3D shots.

Below we will discuss some of the images that will look great in Big HD Screen or in 3D. Let's start!

This evil bird creating a dust storm is a visual spectacle in the big screen.

Little bit zoom view of the same..

This image of Akshay Kumar as Birdman made with mobile phones is a visual spectacle in the big screen

This below shot of Akshay Kumar made from cell phones will be riot in theaters for sure

See the detailing of Akshay's face below

See the image of bird face transforming into cell phones

See this giant Chitti in the stadium. This part looks amazing in the big screen. See the detailing again

In this below shot when Chitti punches Akshay, see the detailing in which cell phones are thrown out from the body. Such vision can only be accomplished by Shankar!

Here are some images, which will look great in 3D screen

There are few big factors which are in big favour of 2.0 - 

1. Deadly star cast comprising of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. This will lure the pan India audience to watch the film.

2. Curiosity as it is sequel to Robot which was the biggest Hit of India at that time.

3. Children will love the film and hence, family audiences will come out in numbers.

4. Such genre is literally non-existent in India.

Yes, we know a film will be HIT only when the content is good. But again 2.0 has so many things going, it is already looking like a winner! Because of the hype we think film will atleast do business of 200-250 crore alone from Hindi version and 600-700 crores from all languages in India alone. This looks a bare minimum mark. Numbers can go even higher. 

This means, film major part of budget will be recovered from India theatricals itself. Then there is Overseas, Satellite, Digital, and lots of brand endorsement and merchandising that is happening right now with the film.

Finally, we thank Shankar for making such a film which may encourages other film makers to go big with their dreams in coming times!

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