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September 13, 2018

2.0 Teaser Trailer Review and Reaction

The much awaited teaser of 2.0 that stars Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, and Amy Jackson in lead roles is finally out.  The movie is directed by S. Shankar, produced by Subaskaran and the music scored by the international music maestro A. R. Rahman.

The movie with its enormous budget obviously had drawn much hype all over India. It is one of the movies that have taken the effort to take it to an international level technically. The teaser clearly had done a decent job, revealing us only a taste of the entire plot of the movie. The reemergence of 'Chitti: the Robot' and Askhay as the villain, Dr. Richard, will keep the audience entertained. Akshay seems to take the edge in his villain appearance!

The huge expenses on the VFX don’t seem to impress a handful lot of the viewers. It sends out a possibility of the film’s work on progress that still needs the final polishing. For example, the ‘eagle’ with the large claws and the fierce look has met the expectations that were previewed in the numerous posters already released. But on other hand, the stadium scene lacked a bit of finesse and the automatic gun firing shot of ‘Chitti’ needed more intensity.

Fans of Rajinikanth and Akshay need not be too disappointed. A trailer is definitely expected and hopefully we get more sneak peek into the undiscovered parts of the film. Finally there is no doubt that film will take tsunamic start at the box office. Yes, this is costliest Indian film ever made till date.

Here are some of the reactions in social media site Twitter -

Those who missed the trailer of 2.0 can watch the trailer below -

Let us know your responses and thoughts about the teaser in the comments below.


  1. these vfx visuals are 1 yr old..the leaked one

  2. TOH n 2.0 will break bahubali2 (Hindi) collection.

    Maza agaya..

  3. There's no doubt that the movie's gonna be a Blockbuster !! Shankar has knack of making entertaining movie but the trailer was underwhelming specially on the VFX part. Everthing's looking so plasticy and artificial. It felt like watching teaser of some animation film rather than live action.

  4. So those rumors earlier that Shankar was disappointed by the visuals were true after all. The guy who put so many of years in a vision would definitely be disappointed by such quality VFX. So, this delay of almost 1-2 years didnt help in improving visuals.
    Even flops like Ra.1 or Lovestroy 2050 has better vfx.

    1. Duffer, when a movie with budget of Rs. 150 Cr collects Rs. 115 Cr, it is a flop. Please don't get blinded by Stardom, get real.

    2. Check BOI. It is hit or u think you are above BOI. So please open your own website.

  5. Vfx is not up to the mark... Animation or a cartoon film... Disappointing shankar... No story flop written.... Low quality vfx... Isse better to ra 1 ka vfx tha....

  6. Rajni looks soo funny in the superhero custome...loll
    Looks like a comedy movie rajni should stick to his movies where he is the same age..

  7. Teaser ka review krna galt h

    Is teaser ko 1080p quality me dekhna pr bhut acha dikhta h

    Log low quality me teaser ko dekhte h phir khte h ki vfx acha nhi h

    Itni badi film me 10% bat bhi galat honjaye logo ko bhut dikhti h

    Ankur Sir aap hindi film news ke liye jane jate h
    Or apne dharma production , karan jhohar ke bare me kuch likha nhi

  8. Vfx ko hum jab bade parde pr
    Or 3D me dekhte h to
    Film hme mobile se bhut jyada achi lagegi