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August 16, 2018

Satyameva Jayate storms Single Screens to collect 20 crores on First Day. Unbelievable.

Satyameva Jayate has done the unbelievable as film has crossed 20 crore nett mark in a single day on power of Single Screen audiences. Our early trends yesterday suggested film Wednesday collection is heading towards 17( or at most 18) crore nett mark.

However, point is that most of our samples for yesterday are from multiplexes only. SS reports arrives late and SMJ has simply registered earth shattering performance there. First, Baaghi 2 and now SMJ has again corrected the fact that Action Masala genre is not going anywhere. Now just wait for Simmba to explode.

Just imagine what will be the business if a A list Superstar comes with a front loaded action film on Holiday. It will smash all existing records by miles for sure.

SMJ has collected an approx 20.5 crore nett on day one. This is simply stunning in around 2300 screens it managed. Plus, it is a John Abraham solo starrer film. In past John fail to manage even 10 crore nett in single day. Now he has directly entered 20 crore club. Hope John after the success of Parmanu and initial success of SMJ takes his career seriously and plan his next films well. India is short of superstars right now and he might be the next. Who knows.

Finally 'better late than never John. Der Aaye Par Durust Aaye'.


  1. Wow mind blogging now eagerly waiting for gold's collection

  2. Just one work wow !! movies lovers knows now which movie need to push forward

  3. The movie is good time pass .I liked it.
    But It is getting lot more than it deserves . If compared to Gold, Gold is a masterpiece and gem of Indian cinema.
    Actually on day 1 :-
    Gold deserves 30cr
    SMJ deserved 15cr
    Because of clash Gold lost 5cr and SMJ gained 5cr.
    But then also I am happy because this clash is not a dirty one .
    Industry should learn something from this .

  4. It's manipulated. BOI says its 18.5 crore

  5. Why are producers manipulating figures .
    Gold figures are same as trade figures.
    But SMJ figures are manipulated by 2.5cr This is bad . I never expected this.

  6. Yaar dont inflate figures ..addatoday you know very well that it hasnt crossed 20cr mark...why r u misguiding us.��

  7. You guys know it very well that the figures are manipulated...are you CHAMCHA PARTY of T-series and JOHN.

  8. Unbelievable
    Fantastic collection
    Clash krne ke bad bhi 20cr ... Fantastic

  9. Lokesh meena Dil se nahi kah rahe ho

  10. This is unbelievable possibly story of the 2018 as how JA starrer managed to go past 20 crore mark. Amazing.